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5 Exercises You Should Be Doing To Reduce Workplace Injuries

While safety should always be a consideration on the job, June is the perfect time to discuss ways to reduce injuries because it is National Safety Month. The warmer weather can lull us into a false sense of security and we can forget the on-the-job risks that still exist in summer, so here are 5 exercises to help you reduce workplace injuries year-round.

1. Full body stretching

Stretching your entire body is an excellent habit to get into before your shifts, during your breaks, and after you’ve been dedicated to a specific task for some time. This loosens your muscles and helps keep you from getting stiff muscles that become sore.

Ideas for stretches include rolling your shoulders, reaching over your head, shrugging your shoulders, bending over slowly from one side to the other, and placing your hands on your hips and twisting to the right and to the left.

2. Push-ups

The position you hold your body in during a push-up engages most of the upper body, including the chest, shoulders, arms, and core. Whether you do them from your knees or toes doesn’t matter as long as your back remains straight. This is the key to an effective exercise via push-up.

3. Lateral raises

Doing lateral raises helps the muscles in both the shoulders and upper back, but hand weights are necessary to complete the movement effectively. They don’t need to be a high weight and can be kept in your desk or locker.

4. Rotator cuff strengthening

Shoulder injuries are common and easy to obtain. Strengthening your rotator cuff through various stretches will keep your body working more fluidly and reduce your risk of injury. Start by rolling your shoulders and then stretch them one at a time across your chest. To increase muscle strength, you can add in resistance bands to your stretches.

5. Chest flies

Chest flies are another workout that requires the use of weights. As you continue to increase in strength you will also be able to add weight to your routine. This movement will help with the development of your upper back and chest muscle group.

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