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Stay Safe This Summer With These Tips

Summer is the best time of year for a lot of reasons—the pool, the beach, the lake, summer cookouts, patio happy hours, and extra hours of daylight. But for a lot of people, the heat is also exhausting, draining and even dangerous, especially if you work or play outdoors in the scorching heat. Here are some tips to stay safe this summer. 

Drink water 

Drinking a lot of water might be the most important advice you’ll ever hear, and it’s absolutely critical in the summer when you’re sweating all day long. Water is always the best, but sports drinks, vitamin waters and juices that are low in sodium and sugar are good too. And fruits and vegetables that have a lot of water, like melons, apples, cucumbers and celery can be really refreshing. 

Have small, regular meals 

Your appetite probably wanes in the summer. The sun and the heat eliminate those cold weather cravings for lasagna and enchiladas, but you still need to eat. Try smaller, lighter meals to keep up your energy and blood sugar levels—lots of fruits and vegetables to keep you hydrated. Go easy on foods that are high in sodium, like chips, and avoid foods and generate more heat, like meat, eggs and proteins.  

Take cold showers 

A couple splashes of cold water can cool down your core body temperature and immediately make you feel refreshed. Even an icepack or cold washcloth on the back of your neck when you first come in from the sun can be really helpful. And by cooling down your body right before you go to bed, you’ll actually sleep better, making you feel more rested and energized the next day.  

Keep it cool and dark 

Believe it or not, electric lights can generate more heat in a room, so keep the lights low and use room-darkening shades to block out the sun during the day. 

Be indoors when you can 

If you work outdoors, take frequent breaks in the shade or indoors if you can. Even if you don’t work outdoors, try to minimize your outdoor time, especially in the heat of the day. This might mean working out indoors and keeping your pool time to morning or late afternoon and evening. 

Wear loose, light clothing 

Don’t wear tight, constrictive clothing that restricts your circulation in the summer. Instead, wear light, loose-fitting clothing, and if you have it, clothes with built-in UV protection. Sunglasses and a hat or visor to keep the sun off your face are helpful as well. 

Take it easy 

Don’t overexert yourself in the summer. If you have a really challenging workout planned, do it in the morning or at night, indoors if possible, and don’t forget to hydrate and have a recovery meal right after.  

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