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How to Show Your Team That You Appreciate Them

If you want your top employees to work for you and stay loyal to you and your company, you have to show them that you appreciate them. When your team feels like you appreciate them and value their efforts and talents, good things will happen on your team.

Here are seven ways to show your team you appreciate them.

Develop peer review

Establish a system where any employee can give “kudos” or “thanks” to anyone else on the team. Sometimes peer appreciation is even more meaningful than if it came from a manager. It might be something formal that’s tallied on company software, or it might be something casual, like names dropped into a jar before a weekly staff meeting. Either way, it fosters a sense of camaraderie, teamwork, and respect and can go a long way in terms of making people feel included and important.

Treat them to food

Pizza lunch, donuts in the break room, a grand fruit platter. They’re delicious ways to thank your staff. And more than that, it’s a good way to give your team the chance to socialize and strengthen their relationships. Which is more than a fun perk. These “hang out” sessions can result in productive brainstorming and problem-solving sessions. Think of it as a fun, impromptu staff meeting.

Explain their significance

Sometimes showing your employees that they matter is as simple as saying thank you and explaining how their efforts impact the company as a whole. That makes employees feel important! They realize that their mundane report resulted in improved customer service, boosted productivity, saved the company money, or led them closer to their year-long goal.

Reward them with time off

Everyone loves free time! And everyone wants more of it. Whether your employees need a few days off for a quick vacation or an afternoon to run errands or pursue a hobby, they’ll appreciate some time to themselves as a reward for hard work. When they return, they’ll be recharged and energized, ready to hit the ground running and get back to work.

Use social media

Express some thanks or congratulations on your company’s website or social media pages. You could include a photo, mini-biography, and a write-up that explains how the employee’s effort and accomplishment resulted in benefiting the whole company or even the community at large.

Host team events

When your team achieves their goals or endures a period of significant stress, reward them with an event for the whole group. It might be a picnic, catered lunch, happy hour, boat party, or another fun outing—something exciting, out of the ordinary, and positive to keep everyone motivated and energized.

Welcome feedback

All people want to have ownership over the work they do, so give your employees the chance to give feedback. Let them voice their opinions and ideas and concerns on a regular basis. It’ll encourage them to be proactive and innovative and in the process, your business will improve and your employees will feel trusted and respected.

Let us help you build your team

A.R. Mazzotta understands how important it is to develop a culture of encouragement and appreciation and we’re committed to helping you build a team that can power your business. For more advice on how to show your staff that you appreciate them, contact our team today.