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How to Answer “What’s Your Greatest Strength” During an Interview

No matter how many job interviews you’ve had in your life, it never gets less nerve-wracking. It’s a little awkward to sit in front of people you’ve never met before and try to present your best self, proving to them that you’re the absolute best fit for their company. You don’t want to seem weak or arrogant, nor repeat the same old answers they’ve heard from every candidate.

Here’s how to answer the question, “what’s your greatest strength” during an interview.

Use a story

Instead of replying with a simple two or three-word answer, like “I’m a hard worker,” or “I’m loyal,” tell a story that proves whatever strength you claim to have. Most hiring managers don’t want to hear the same list of boring adjectives again and again. They want to see evidence that your strengths have made valuable contributions to your company. Anyone can claim to be organized, or a problem-solver, or able to handle stress, but if you demonstrate that you’ve already done it, you’ll put yourself ahead of the competition.

Discuss your ability to innovate

All companies love productivity and efficiency, so they look to hire employees who look at a process or procedure and find ways to make it faster, better, or more cost-effective. Is there a time when you redesigned something? Or found a way to improve something that ends up saving your company money? Cite this as one of your major accomplishments and talk about it.

Talk about your problem-solving skills

All companies run into problems. So every company needs a problem-solver, someone who can remain calm and think clearly under pressure. Mention a time when you handled a difficult customer, made a tight deadline, or solved an interpersonal conflict.

Mention your love of learning

Any employee who loves to learn is an asset to their employer. It means that you’ll continuously be acquiring new skills for the company. You can go out and take new courses, attend important seminars, read relevant books, and watch YouTube videos about your industry. If you’re naturally attracted to learning new skills and information, you’ll be able to train the rest of your team, meaning that your company will be well-informed and up-to-date in the latest industry trends. Mention some classes you’ve taken or articles you’ve read that have had an impact on how you do your job.

Describe your passion

Any employer will acknowledge that passion and enthusiasm for your job are a major strength. Discuss how your passion drives you to stay committed to your work and loyal to your company. Describe a time when your energy helped you achieve a goal or find inspiration for a new idea at a different time.

If you can demonstrate how your skills and hard work have added value to your previous employers, you won’t sound arrogant. Instead, you’ll sound experienced and qualified, like the perfect fit for the job opening. For more tips on how to prepare for a job interview, contact our team today.