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Is December the Best Time to Find a New Job?

December’s a great month for a lot of things—buying a new car, avoiding relatives you don’t like, spending too much money, and overeating at holiday parties. But did you also know it’s a great time to find a new job? Counterintuitive, we know. It’s tempting to put off your job search until the New Year. You’re probably overwhelmed with obligations and holiday stress, and you want to wait until you have more free time. But don’t wait—go ahead and search!

Here are four reasons why December is the best month to find a new job.

Everyone else is busy too

Many other job seekers are overwhelmed with the year-end holidays, too! In fact, they’re so overwhelmed that many of them will put their job searches on hold until after the new year as well. This means less competition for you so that you can stand out from the crowd. While most people are partying and slacking off, you’re working hard to get yourself noticed and land that perfect career opportunity.

Recruiters pay attention to you

Decreased competition means that recruiters will have more time for you. They’ll spend more time examining your resume, reading your cover letter, and interviewing you, giving you a better chance to stand out and prove that you’re the qualified and talented candidate they’re looking for.

Companies have extra money

Believe it or not, most companies want to make hires in December. They want to return from the winter holidays refreshed and not having to worry about recruiting and hiring. They want to start January first with a fresh, smiling face in their office—someone who’s energized, willing to learn and take on new responsibilities. Plus, most companies have that “use it or lose it” money in their yearly budgets, meaning they’re posting new positions and looking to hire.

December is networking month

Okay, not officially, but it might as well be. Look at your calendar. Are you swamped with parties and school concerts and get-togethers and happy hours? Think of all the people you’ll see over the next four to five weeks! You never know which of those people might be able to help you get a new job or at least point you in the right direction. It might be your uncle at a big family dinner, or it might be another parent you bump into at your son’s holiday program. Keep your interactions open-ended, and don’t hesitate to tell people you’re looking for a new job.

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