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Fine-Tune Your Job Search and Get Better Interviews

Everyone dreads a job search. Its why people stay in jobs they hate for so long – they just don’t want to get out there and do the legwork. But it doesn’t have to be that way! In fact, with the right tips and mindset, you can score more interviews and land the job you’re been pining for. 

Here’s how you can fine-tune your job search  

Fill out applications  

Online applications are tedious, and you’ll often find yourself entering the same information again and again, but they’re necessary. So instead of complaining about them, fill out as many as you can so you cast a wide net. Take your time so there are no spelling or grammatical errors, of course, but the more you fill out, the better.   

Meet people  

Yes, there’s a boatload of information and resources available online, but you can also snag a lot of leads by simply getting away from your computer and meet people. Check out alumni networking events, formal industry conferences, and workshops, or mention your job search at social outings. You never know who you might meet who can point you in the right direction.  

Build relationships first  

Too often, job seekers launch into their elevator pitch the second they meet someone new. Great, but it’s important to build trust first. People don’t want to think you’re only using them to get a job, so establish a relationship – a true connection – before you start your narrative about your job search. They’re more likely to help a friend than some random, opportunistic person who whips out a resume to everyone they meet.  

Keep it short  

Remember most hiring managers only spend a few moments on each resume –approximately five to seven seconds – so don’t stress too much trying to craft the perfect resume. Aside from making sure it’s free from spelling and grammar mistakes, make sure you include some powerful action verbs, highlight the accomplishments you’re most proud of, and echo some keywords from the job description.  

Tailor your cover letter  

There are hundreds of cover letter templates out there, and it’s fine to use one as your starting point, but you need to customize your letter to each job you apply to. Keep your letter short, about a half-page, and incorporate language from the job posting. Put the most important information right at the beginning. After that, most hiring managers tend to glaze over.   

Show off your curiosity   

Employers like to see that you’re passionate, engaged and interested in learning more, so have a few questions prepared for your interviewer. Ask about their personal history or career trajectory within the company. Ask what traits make a successful employee. Or ask about the long-term goals of the company.  

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