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5 Reasons You’re Losing Your Best Workers

Your best employees are performing at a high level and everything is going smoothly. Suddenly, they start leaving. A one-star employee leaving for greener pastures isn’t necessarily alarming, but when others start to flee, it should be a wake-up call. Where’s everyone going? And why?

Here are five reasons you might be losing your best employees.

Burn out

Your best employees are often rewarded with more work and responsibilities because they’ve proven they can handle it, right? However, instead of feeling like rock stars, they feel unappreciated and undervalued. In fact, because they’re always turning in stellar performances, you probably assume all is well when—surprise—they’re miserable. Meet regularly with all your employees to get feedback from them and rotate duties and assignments so no one person is ever carrying the load for the whole team.

Poorly equipped

Empower your team with the right information, tools, and resources they need to get the job done. If you’re expecting them to perform with outdated equipment and inadequate training, they’re going to get frustrated, and performance will lag. If you’re worried about budget, meet with your team regularly and find out which resources are most crucial.

Lack of inspiration

Are they motivated enough? They might not feel like they’re making a difference, or their job doesn’t align with their values. Create an environment that energizes and inspires them. The physical space should be clean and inviting and you should constantly be making an effort to communicate your vision and the goals of the organization.

Lack of possibilities

If they don’t see a future with your company, they won’t be motivated to stick around, and they’ll look for other opportunities elsewhere. Or maybe you haven’t provided them with professional development. They’re not learning, and they’re not being challenged, so why bother? When you invest in their careers, provide them with opportunities for growth, they’ll know that you have faith in them, and you see their potential.

Inadequate compensation

Higher salaries and better benefits might not seem like they’re within your budget, but since recruiting, hiring, and training are such costly processes, taking care of your best employees is worth it. Make sure what you’re paying your team is competitive in your industry and geographic location, and award bonuses when you can.

If you notice your best employees are leaving, pay attention. Hold exit interviews and learn as much as you can about their reasons for seeking new employment—it’s always more than just a lousy co-worker. Then, respond to what you’re hearing as best you can. Higher salaries might not be in your budget, but making your employees feel appreciated, heard, and inspired is. For more tips on keeping your best employees, contact our team today.

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