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8 Ways to Secure Skilled Manufacturing Talent

It’s not easy to find good skilled manufacturing talent nowadays. Few are trained in the right skills to begin with, and as technology continues to advance at lightning speeds, even fewer people have the skills needed to help grow manufacturing organizations. We need people with expertise in virtual reality, 3D printing, artificial intelligence and automation. Here are eight ways to secure skilled manufacturing talent. 

Grow a network 

Just as staffing agencies keep a database of qualified job candidates, you can do the same for your company. Take note of everyone you meet at conferences, seminars and other training events who might fit into your company culture or who has the right qualifications. 

Build relationships  

The people you meet are more likely to come and work for you if they trust you and buy into your mission than if you’re simply a random employer they met at a workshop a few years ago. Take them out for coffee, use social media, offer to mentor them and find other ways to connect that shows off your company and your enthusiasm for your industry.  

Show off the tech 

Tell people about all the cool work your company does. Robots, virtual reality and 3D printers are all really compelling technology, so let the public see and experience them. Use social media and invite people in to show what a stimulating and growing environment your company is. 

Get family to recruit 

Family members have a pretty good idea when their brother, sister, cousin or uncle has an aptitude or passion for tech. Engage those people to appeal to their talented relatives to show how safe, challenging and rewarding skilled manufacturing jobs have become.  

Tap the teacher network 

Teachers are another great conduit to talented candidates. Offer tours of your company, sponsor STEM activities and visit classrooms. Get to know teachers so they can help advocate for your industry and appeal to their students on your behalf.  

Guide the training 

Higher education is ridiculously expensive and gaining the right skills needed for any job can be a problem for people who don’t want to go into debt. Know what resources are available—scholarships, apprenticeships, on-the-job training—so you can point interested candidates in the right direction when they’re seeking educational opportunities.  

Incentivize referrals 

Look to your own employees to help you recruit. After all, no one knows what kind of soft and hard skills are needed to work at your company better than your own team. Offer gift cards or bonuses to employees who refer quality candidates you end up hiring.  

Compensate fairly 

You have to stay competitive to attract top talent. Know what other companies in your industry are offering in terms of salaries, benefits and other perks so you can keep up. Also, consider flex schedules, wellness incentives, professional development opportunities, social justice causes and a contemporary work culture.  

Use Payrolling Services 

If you’re looking to secure top talent, but don’t want to hire them directly, payrolling can be a valuable option to your company. Here are some of the reasons you might want to consider payrolling: 

  • You sourced a new employee but prefer a trial period to evaluate further.  
  • You are a small company without payroll capabilities and are ready to hire staff.  
  • You want to manage summer help, interns, or contractors for specific projects more efficiently. 
  • You’re looking to reduce employee payroll paperwork, processing time and overhead costs.   

For more tips on securing the top skilled manufacturing talentcontact our team today. 

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