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Here’s Why You Should Partner With a Staffing Firm 

You’re a busy business owner. You want to spend your time inspiring your employees, developing a new marketing strategy, and crafting long-term goals to help you dominate your industry. You don’t have time to peruse resumes, schedule and conduct interviews, and find the perfect candidate for every job opening that pops up in your company. However, a staffing agency is perfectly suited to take over all those responsibilities and more. Here’s why you should partner with a staffing firm. 

Partner with someone you trust 

Whichever staffing agency your company partners with is an extension of your brand. They’re going to get to know you so they can best represent you and find the right person for your organization. Be honest with them about your goals and expectations so the agency can work best on your behalf.  

Find the right people 

Hiring is intense and time-consuming! But recruiters and those who work for staffing agencies are experts. This is what they do. This means they can get through resumes and interviewers much faster and they’re more likely to find the top talent and the best fit for your company.  

Reach a wider audience 

Social media is a great asset when it comes to reaching a wider audience with a job posting but staffing agencies can use even more channels to broadcast your message and access the right candidates. They can use their database of candidates to search for people who would be great for the position you have open, including passive candidates that aren’t actively looking for a job.  

Save time sorting and screening 

The staffing agency can source, phone screen and prepare candidates for a final interview with you all while you’re managing the day-to-day of your company. You’ll save time and still acquire the best candidates.  

Limit your costs 

Perhaps the best part of using a staffing agency is you’ll save money. Aside from the fees you pay the agency, you don’t have to spend any money recruiting, advertising or hiring. And chances are the agency really will find you the best possible candidate, so you won’t have to worry about replacing a bad hire in a few months. If you’re looking for a temporary or contract employee, you’ll reduce your training costs, payroll processing and benefits administration costs. However, for direct hires, once the offer is made the candidate would be on your company’s payroll and benefits when they start.   

 Trial period 

Many staffing agencies offer the option to hire temporary or contract staff after a predetermined amount of time. When you hire this way, you’ll get to see the employee’s skills, personality, work ethic and professionalism firsthand.  The other way to hire is known as Direct Hire for which A.R. Mazzotta has a six-month guarantee. Direct hire is the best way to hire in the current economy with record breaking low unemployment rates. 

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