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Top Hiring Tips: 3 Ways to Hire Smarter and Faster in 2019

top hiring tips

2019 is almost here! If you’re like a lot of other hiring managers, you’re thinking about how you can hire even better job candidates next year, and with more speed.

Based on a recruiting benchmark report issued this year by Jobvite, a recruiting software company, the average time to hire for most employers is 38 days. This definitely varies by company size and industry. Typically, jobs in the government, aerospace/defense and energy space take longer to hire for than jobs in markets such as retail, food & beverage and automotive.

If you want to shorten your average time to hire in 2019 while still maintaining an amazingly qualified pool of job candidates, follow these top hiring tips:

Get It Together – Assess and Optimize
Evaluate all aspects of your hiring process and determine what areas could benefit from streamlining and optimization:

  • Job descriptions
  • Recruiting efforts
  • Application and resume submission process
  • Interview procedures
  • Job acceptance & onboarding protocol

Think about how technology can be leveraged to optimize these areas, whether it be the use of video for long-distance interviews or implementing skills assessments that can be completed and submitted online.

Be Proactive – Interview Before You Have To 
Just because you don’t currently have a job opening doesn’t mean you can’t be proactively interviewing candidates. It’s smart to build a pool of qualified passive candidates who might be ready for hiring when you actually have an opening. In the meantime, keep them in your communication pipeline so you can stay in contact with them. Taking on a proactive vs. reactive interview model will make you so much more prepared when it’s time to hire. And it will help ensure that the best possible candidate gets the job. 

Don’t Do It Alone – Hire a Staffing Agency
If you just don’t have the time and resources to evaluate and optimize your hiring processes for 2019, consider outsourcing your efforts to a staffing agency. Working with a reputable, qualified agency partner puts you within arm’s reach of experienced recruiters who will do all the hard work for you – recruiting, screening, skills assessments, interviewing and so much more.

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