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10 Smart Employee Recruitment Tips for Your Organization

employee recruitment tips

When recruiting employees for your organization, it’s unrealistic to think that only the resumes of A+ talent will magically fall across your desk. Among other things, it takes a good reputation and good old-fashioned hard work to ensure that the best candidates are recruited to your organization.

Here are 10 employee recruitment tips to consider applying to your recruiting strategy – ASAP. 

1 – Craft Your Reputation
The first tip for successful employee recruitment – especially in our current employment landscape – is to build a solid reputation around a company culture that today’s workforce can connect with. Whether good or bad, information about your company’s reputation and how you treat employees spreads fast. Make sure you’re pulling out all the stops to be an employer of choice. Only then will top talent come knocking on your door. 

2 – Consider In-House Candidates
Don’t forget to consider internal candidates for job openings. Many times, the most qualified individual is already part of your workforce. Advertise positions internally first. Of course, promoting an employee or providing an employee with a lateral opportunity is much easier to do for larger companies. But if it’s feasible, post open positions internally first. 

3 – Include Employees in the Recruiting Process
Involving employees in the recruiting process is something that many employers don’t think about, but it can be beneficial to the hiring process. Current employees can help in a few different ways. They can help support the resume review and screening process. They can be part of the team that interviews potential candidates. Or employees can play the role of active recruiter, recommending candidates and sharing referrals.

4 – Check References
While more companies now conduct background checks on new hires, fewer seem to be following through on reference checks with a candidate’s former employers and their managers/colleagues. It’s likely because it’s time-consuming and can often result in a game of back and forth. But put a standard reference check process in place and only check the references of those you plan to extend an offer to. You’ll save valuable time.

5 – Offer Great Benefits
As life-work balance takes center stage with more and more employees, there are many great benefits that employers can offer that go beyond paying more than your competition does. Offer a wide range of benefits that appeal to your workforce – you can even poll them to see what type they’d prefer. Benefits like flextime, work-from-home options, onsite wellness centers, pet-friendly offices and paid time off for community service/volunteer work are just a few ideas.

6 – Have a User-Friendly Application Process
Is anything more confusing or frustrating to a potential job candidate than a complicated application process? Not much! Implement a seamless, user-friendly application/resume submission process on your website. If you’re using job boards or other means of recruiting, include clear instructions on how to apply. Make it easy for potential new hires to make their introduction.

7 – Leverage Your Network
Whether it’s former candidates, passive candidates, employee referrals or other industry connections, remember to engage your network and the networks of your employees when recruiting. Quite often, the best candidates are just a small degree of separation away – you just need to make the effort to find them.

8 – Detailed Job Descriptions
OK, maybe one more thing even more frustrating or confusing than a complicated application process (see #6) is a lousy job description. As we shared in a 2017 blog post, include the essential information – Job Title, Job Summary, Duties & Responsibilities, Skills & Qualifications, Salary/Benefits and Contact Info. It’s also a good idea to include a purpose statement and as many details as possible about the job opening. And make sure to keep your job descriptions current. 

9 – Use Employee Testimonials
There’s no better employer endorsement than those of your current workforce. Find ways to incorporate their testimonials into your company website – particularly on your Careers page. Video testimonials can be very effective and are a great way to make a real, immediate connection with potential hires.

10 – Use a Staffing Agency
When you just don’t have the time, resources or expertise to recruit employees, seek the help of reputable staffing agency. From resume screening and skills assessments to direct hire placements and temp-to-hire staffing, staffing agencies have the experience and bandwidth to support your recruiting efforts so you end up with the best possible talent for your organization. One of the big benefits of working with a staffing agency is gaining access to their quality database of top talent, and their ability to search passive candidates who might just be ready to hear about your organization and current job opportunities.

Contact our expert team of recruiting specialists today. We’re always ready to begin a conversation and answer any questions you have about working with a staffing agency.