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5 Traits Employers Want in CT Temporary Workers

CT temporary workersAs the employment landscape continues to evolve and more people turn to non-traditional work models for gaining a paycheck, the popularity of temporary employment rises. CT job seekers are embracing temp/contract work and CT employers are finding ways to bring temp positions into their organizations to help maintain productivity and decrease burnout of their full-time employees.

There’s a formula for success when hiring good CT temporary workers. Below are 5 traits that employers look for:

Depending on the circumstances, a temporary job could last days, weeks or months. Then the employee likely moves onto another job – maybe with the same employer if there’s another opportunity, but more likely with a new employer and a different job role. That’s why it’s so important for temp workers to be trainable and adaptable to different work environments. The ability to go with the flow and be open to change is a necessity. For job seekers who are less comfortable with change, long-term or permanent employment opportunities will probably offer greater job satisfaction.

Temp and part-time workers are just as important to the success of an organization as permanent, full-time staff. They need to be reliable on many different levels – reporting to work on time and as scheduled, attending any training that’s required, following company policy and procedures, and performing their duties as outlined in their job description.

Self Starter
It helps to hire temp workers who aren’t afraid to take the initiative to get work done. Although temp workers are brought in to perform a certain task or work on a specific project, there’s always the possibility of slower periods or downtime every now and then. Having a temp worker on staff who is a self-starter and can find ways to stay productive on the job is always a bonus for an employer. 

Good Attitude
Temp workers should always get a “A” for attitude. Keeping a positive outlook while on the job is a must. If an employer takes notice of good behavior, good attitude and a good work ethic, there’s a chance for more work opportunities – maybe even permanent. 

As mentioned before, taking on a temporary work position is just as important of a role as that of a permanent employee. It’s important for temp workers to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times – from following the company rules to respecting managers and co-workers.

What Do Staffing Agencies Want from Temp Workers?

Cathy A. Reilly, HR training consultant and published author of two books about the temporary staffing industry, shares some advice from the other side of the table – what do staffing agencies want from their temp workers?

Keep in touch. Temp workers should stay in regular communication with their staffing agency and let them know how things are going.

Provide insight. Reilly shares, “Temps are a valuable source of information about the client company to their staffing service because they have a bird’s eye view and real-world experience. Help the staffing service develop an even greater knowledge about how things really tick inside their client’s company.”

Don’t be high maintenance or needy. Temp workers should be responsive and self-sufficient. Employers and staffing agencies are there to support you in any way they can, but they shouldn’t have to hand-hold workers and guide them every step of the way.

Be a fine representative. To an employer, temp workers are representatives of the staffing agency they come from. As a representative, the worker should carry out her duties with the highest level of professionalism.

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