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Why Direct Hire Recruiting is Smart for Today’s Job Market

Employers have many options to consider when it comes to finding direct hire employees for their organization. They can manage the hiring process internally through their HR department or work with an outside staffing firm. They can hire full-time workers, part-time workers, contract workers, or temporary workers. The more options an employer uses, the more flexibility they have when it comes to their recruiting.

There are times, though, when one type of staffing model can be better than another. Let’s take a look at direct hire recruiting, also called permanent placement, through a staffing agency, and why it can often be the best choice for employers.    

When is direct hire recruiting the best option?

*Updated May 2020.

There are several circumstances where direct hire recruiting should be a top choice for employers. First, it’s a good option when filling higher-level roles in management or executive positions that require a long-term, permanent commitment to the organization. The same is true when an employer needs to fill a niche position that has more complex or technical skill requirements.

During a tight job market.

Going the direct recruiting route is also a smart decision when there’s a tight job market. Job candidates aren’t quite as plentiful during these times, and a temporary or contract job opportunity is not as attractive to a candidate as a direct hire opportunity. With direct hire positions, employees enjoy benefits as well as job security.

If an employer has a permanent position they’ve tried to fill on their own with no success, or they’ve experienced a lot of employee turnover with a certain position. Then using the direct hire recruiting services of a staffing agency can be very beneficial. 

During an economic downturn.

During economic downturns, candidates are not willing to leave their current “permanent” position for anything but a direct hire position. When the country is in the middle of a pandemic, as in 2020, benefits such as health insurance are top-of-mind.

Higher unemployment means a lot of resumes and candidates to go through to find the right direct hire to fit your business strategy.

A direct hire opportunity will attract the top performers, while contract or contract-to-hire will not.

What are the benefits of direct hire recruiting for employers?

For employers, the advantages of direct hire recruiting through a staffing agency are many. First, they have access to a larger candidate pool, including passive candidates that are often at the top of the ladder in experience and talent.

Using the direct hire recruiting services of a staffing agency also saves money and time. It puts the responsibility of job postings, candidate screening, and interviews in the expert hands of the agency. They do all the heavy lifting and carefully select candidates that will be a good fit with the employer’s culture, values, and required skill set for the job. This all happens before any candidates are even presented to the employer for consideration.

Direct hire recruiting through a staffing agency also has less risk. Direct hires are more likely to stay around for the long run and can be more loyal to an employer than a temporary worker who knows she might be onto her next job opportunity within weeks or months.

Another benefit is that most staffing agencies will guarantee their direct hires. At A.R. Mazzotta, our direct hires are guaranteed with a comprehensive 6-month replacement agreement that offers 100% protection for the first 90 days.

More About A.R. Mazzotta Permanent Placement Services

Our direct hire recruiting services are custom-tailored to each employer’s needs. Our process has proven itself very successful in matching great talent with companies all throughout CT. It’s how we’ve become one of the top CT direct hire employment agencies around!

We attribute our success to many things. Conducting one-on-one meetings with all our employers, onsite at their company. Plus, we get to know each employer on a personal level and understand their company culture and the goals and requirements of the position they’re looking to fill.

Our team also does highly customized searches to find the most qualified job candidates available. We use our comprehensive candidate database and the industry’s most effective online recruiting tools and technologies. We conduct rigorous candidate screenings and in-person interviews that are followed up with personally verified reference checks and skill and behavior assessments. These steps allow us to hand-select the best candidates and deliver a great success rate for the candidate/employer matches we make.

Enjoy the benefits of direct hire recruiting with A.R. Mazzotta! If you’re ready to speak with one of our experts, just submit our Request an Employee form and someone will be in touch with you soon. Or learn more about our Recruiting for Direct Hire.