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2016 Recruiting Trends – What’s Out, What’s In

HR recruiting trends The times are definitely a-changing when it comes to the wonderful world of recruiting. Some tools that were once deemed very effective for employers no longer pack the punch they once did, and job-search tools that were once considered powerful for a candidate are no longer cutting the mustard. Let’s look at what’s out and what’s in for 2016 recruiting trends.

Cover Letters
Out. A recent Forbes.com article put it bluntly – cover letters have had their day. Recruiters and HR professionals have been sharing this sentiment more frequently in their blogs and conference presentations. So why are fewer folks glancing at cover letters? Because most of them say the same thing, and time is valuable. Heading straight for the resume to review a candidate’s job experience and skill set helps a recruiter or HR manager more quickly identify whether or not the candidate is a potential good fit for the job.

Recruiting Portals
Out. Forbes also says automated recruiting portals that accept candidates’ online applications are no longer effective. Today, candidates will land a job more quickly by leveraging their personal network and building a solid relationship with a reliable staffing agency that takes the time to know them and understand their needs when it comes to a new job. Staffing agencies are also a smart choice for employers (more to come on that).

Huge Candidate Databases
Out. Posting tons of job ads all over creation in order to cast a wide net for gathering job applicants – and in the end creating a sometimes unmanageable database – is not something today’s hiring professionals (or at least the successful ones!) are doing. It’s just bad practice.

So what should today’s recruiters and hiring managers be doing instead? Read on.

What’s In for 2016
To get better results for both themselves and their candidates, recruiters and employers are shifting their focus to new hiring strategies and tactics like the ones below.

  • Stronger brand identities. Many in today’s workforce aren’t just looking for a job. They want to work for an employer they can identify with on different levels – from their work culture and philosophies to the charitable or community causes they support. To help job candidates better identify with a potential employer, employers are strengthening their brands and building greater awareness around what they’re all about. They’re creating this heightened awareness via their website messaging and their various social media channels and networks.
  • Data. Instead of amassing a large, unmanageable database as we mentioned before, employers are focusing on quality, not quantity, and turning to analytics tools and technologies that allow them to get a more detailed and useful look at their candidate database. This allows employers to more effectively evaluate their prospects and determine who is the best for the job.
  • Personal, specialized service. As job roles become more and more specialized, employers need to fully understand the kinds of skills required of their candidates so they can hire the most qualified individuals. This is a critical but often time-consuming task for hiring managers, which is why partnering with a recruiter at an outside staffing firm can make the hiring process go much smoother. Employers should always choose a staffing firm that takes time to personally understand your business philosophy, culture and goals and also takes time to truly get to know the candidates they work with (hint, hint – you can find that kind of staffing firm with A.R. Mazzotta!).

If your CT organization is struggling to find quality candidates for your open positions, it might be time to consider a CT staffing firm! Contact us and see how we’ve become one of the most trusted and successful employment agencies in the state.

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