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5 Tips for Managing a Diverse Workforce

Global diversity man as trunk tree hands illustration. Vector file layered for easy manipulation and custom coloring.Diversity in the workplace is everywhere. It’s a reflection of our changing marketplace. Our day-to-day activities, both in and out of work, require interaction with people from all walks of life. A diverse workforce brings great value to an organization, but it can also bring challenges. As an employer, how do you effectively manage workplace diversity? Here are 5 tips:

1 – Review HR Policies
Make sure the policies and practices of your organization do not discriminate against employees in terms of their age, sex, race, religion or culture. Make note of any questionable policy or practice and have it evaluated and amended by your HR team.

2 – Encourage Different Ideas and Thoughts
The great thing about diversity is it allows different thoughts and ideas to be brought to the table. Encourage employees to share their ideas and recommendations with their fellow colleagues and management teams.

Embracing the unique ideas that come from workplace diversity can also help attract a wider range of employees for your organization. If employees know that an organization encourages different ideas and viewpoints from its employees, they’re much more likely to consider working there.

3 – Take Complaints Seriously
If an employee has a concern or complaint about a situation that involves diversity topics such as discrimination, don’t turn the other cheek. Take the matter seriously and investigate it fully until the situation is adequately addressed for all involved parties.

4 – Educate
Have your employees attend a workplace diversity workshop – one that is customized to your organization’s specific needs. A workshop can be a tremendous benefit to your organization and offer a broad introduction to diversity characteristics like cultural, disability, gender, age and sexual orientation.

Workshops can also focus on a specific topic like exploring stereotypes, breaking down communication barriers and coping with or preventing discrimination. Whatever the focus is, your employees will gain awareness of the sensitive topics and situations that can take place within a diverse workforce, and they will know how to address them and work together for the greater good of the organization. 

5 – Seek Employee Feedback
It’s always important to keep the lines of communication open with employees. Solicit their feedback and get an understanding of how they feel your organization manages diversity. Through a simple online survey, invite them to share their questions and suggestions. Then use that feedback to further define your workplace culture and diversity initiatives.

Supplier Diversity Programs
While the previous tips relate to managing diversity among internal employees, there are also ways that employers promote diversity through the external vendors and suppliers they work with.

Thanks to government programs like the State of Connecticut Supplier Diversity Program, more organizations look to partner with women-owned businesses like A.R. Mazzotta. They do this not only to take advantage of possible tax incentives and rebates, but to gain fresh ideas and new viewpoints, greater flexibility than what they get from larger suppliers and an overall competitive advantage with new minority markets.

A.R. Mazzotta is certified as a Women Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) and Small/Minority Business Enterprise (SBE/MBE) in the state of CT. You can learn more by visiting our Supplier Diversity Program page.

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