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CT Labor Department Hits Busy Season

1-5The craziness of the holiday season has faded and everyone is back to their regularly scheduled routine. But things haven’t calmed down quite as much for the CT Department of Labor. From late December through mid-February, the unemployment benefits division faces its busy season.

For those needing to file for unemployment benefits this time of year, the wait could be longer than usual, which is why the department recently shared some tips for using their TeleBenefits and WebBenefits filing system. Last week, the Hartford Business Journal reported the CT Department of Labor was issuing about 38,000 weekly payments totaling over $12 million in benefits. Reasons for the increase include temporary layoffs of construction workers, retailers cutting back on temp workers now that the holiday season has ended, and schools closing for vacation – which affects certain workers such as bus drivers and cafeteria staff.

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