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5 Ways Temp Workers Can Save the Day

8-25Let’s hear it for temporary workers. Seriously…making them part of your organization’s hiring strategy can be a smart move for many reasons (like the ones below). Here are 5 ways that temp workers can save your day:

 #1 – Temp workers can quickly fill in during employee absences.
When employers are in a pinch to fill a position due an employee absence – whether it’s due to something sudden like an illness or an employee termination, or something planned like an extended vacation or maternity leave – they can quickly find a temporary worker to fill the role and keep the work moving.

#2 – Temp workers help keep a steady work flow.
Lots of different industries experience busier-than-normal operations brought on by a certain time of year or an unexpected new project with a crazy schedule. Employers can turn to temp workers to help maintain a steady, productive workflow.

#3 – Temp workers bring specialized skills to the table.
Temps were once thought of as general laborers who didn’t bring special skills to the table. That’s certainly not the case today. If you find yourself with a special project that requires a certain kind of skill set that your regular staff doesn’t have, chances are very good you can find a specialized temp worker to do the job, and do it well.

#4 – Temp workers can reduce everyone’s stress.
When employees work a lot of overtime, they can get cranky. There’s nothing fun about that – for the employee or the employer. Hiring temporary workers to pitch in with the extra hours can keep tensions low…and overtime lower. 

#5 – Temp workers save you time.
Another advantage to including temp workers in your hiring strategy is they can save you time. Your staffing agency handles most of the work when it comes to temp recruitment and employment. They manage the candidate screening, testing and take care of payroll and benefits. That’s a big relief for hiring managers who are short on time and resources.