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5 Reasons Job Candidates Should Use Staffing Firms

8-11Alright CT job seekers…are you looking for some job search advice? Work with a staffing firm. Here are five reasons to do it:

#1 – Staffing firms create over 100,000 jobs each month in CT
In our June 16 post, we looked at some staffing and employment statistics for the Constitution State. In CT alone, staffing firms create over 25,000 jobs each week. That’s about 1.3 million jobs annually. CT staffing firms and the people they help employ clearly have an impact on our economy.

#2 – They know where the best jobs are
Everyone knows that a job search is time-consuming. And a lot of people are scared of taking the first step for all sorts of reasons — they’re nervous about interviewing, fearful of rejection, or afraid of making the wrong job move. A lot of times, people stall their search because they just don’t know where the best job opportunities are. A staffing firm can take you beneath their wing (cue the Bette Midler song) and point you toward promising opportunities with reputable companies.

#3 – Staffing firms help focus your job search
The main goal of any good staffing firm is that they want to connect job candidates with successful employment. The only way to do that is by taking time to meet with you and discuss your career goals. This personal approach brings greater focus to your job search, so everyone has a solid understanding of your skills and the kind of work that’s most suitable for you.

#4 – Many firms offer training and support services
Education doesn’t come cheap these days. One big perk about working with a staffing firm is that many of them offer free training and support services for their employees. So if you’re looking for ways to grow in your career, a staffing firm could help make it happen.

#5 – They don’t cost you a dime
It’s true – most staffing firms offer their services at no cost to the job candidate.

Thinking it might be time to connect with a CT staffing firm? Consider A.R. Mazzotta. Read our Job Seeker FAQs for more information about who we are, what we do, and how we do it