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Why You Should Work with a CT Direct Hire Recruiter

The word Opportunity in 3D letters surrounded by doors of different colors to illustrate a chance for a new career, path, fortune, or big break in your job or lifeIt’s no secret that hiring full-time employees for your CT company is a time-consuming process. It’s also no secret that hiring the wrong job candidate for your company can end up being a costly experience.

So as a hiring manager, how can you avoid the potential pitfalls of choosing the wrong person for the job? One solution is to partner with a CT staffing firm that offers direct hire recruiting services.

There can be big benefits to working with a reputable CT direct hire recruiter (like us!). If you’ve been thinking about using the direct hire services of an outside staffing firm, ask them the following questions so you’re sure to get a successful placement:

1. Is there a candidate replacement agreement if things don’t work out?
This is an important question to ask. A.R. Mazzotta guarantees direct hires with a comprehensive six-month replacement agreement that offers 100% protection for the first 90 days.

 2. What’s your process for determining what our direct hire needs are?
Make sure your recruiter is very clear about what you’re looking for. A.R. Mazzotta will meet with you one-on-one, on site at your company to determine your direct hire needs. It’s the best way to fully understand your company’s culture, values and hiring goals.

3. How do you select the best candidates for us?
A mix of the best recruiting technologies along with good ol’ fashioned face-to-face interviews and personally-verified reference checks is the secret to finding you the best possible direct hire. Make sure your recruiter is using the right set of tools to get the job done.

Learn more about A.R. Mazzotta’s Direct Hire Recruiting for CT employers. Then contact us to get started with your direct hire placement.