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Super Secrets for Managing Contract Workers

Apr9There’s no question that the look of today’s and tomorrow’s workforce is changing. More and more people are choosing temporary and contract employment because of the variety and flexibility it offers. It’s a lifestyle that can bring years of rewarding contract positions and it’s a win-win situation for many of the employers and job seekers we work with.

It’s important to note there are lots of variables that can make or break the success you have with contract workers – so keep these 3 “super secrets” at the top of your best practices list:

Secret #1: Define
Build a solid framework under which your contract workers will operate – it’s a must-do. This means clearly defining the details of the employment contract – like compensation structure and length of employment. And always have a clear definition of the type of work that will be performed.

Secret #2: Train & Communicate
Contract workers can’t perform to the best of their abilities without proper training. Make sure effective training procedures are in place so everyone can carry out their job successfully.

And once your contract workers are off and running in their new roles, keep the lines of communication wide open. Answer questions, communicate frequently, and make them feel like part of the team.

Secret #3: Evaluate
Ongoing interaction with your contract workers will make it much easier to assess their performance and give accurate, comprehensive feedback. Without sharing feedback, there’s no opportunity to acknowledge good work practices or to provide constructive criticism that can help improve work performance.

If you have more tips for managing contract workers, share them in the Comments section below. And if you’re thinking about making contract workers part of your hiring strategy, connect with one of our three CT offices today.