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5 Signs It Might Be Time for a New Job

Mar31When your work situation isn’t the best, the mind starts to wander – will things get better? Is my job really as bad as it seems? Am I worrying too much about nothing? If you start to ask yourself these questions and just can’t shake off your concerns, then it might be time to sharpen the resume and commence the job search.

What are some other signs that it might be time for a new job? Check out this list:

  1. You’re bored to death. Boredom can be a result of many things, like not being challenged in your current job or not feeling a sense of accomplishment from the type of work you’re doing. Either way, boredom can be a sure sign that it’s time to consider new employment.
  1. Change is in the air. Change isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But if lots of changes are happening – layoffs, departmental reorganizations – and management isn’t communicating enough with their employees, it could be a sign that things are headed in the wrong direction.
  1. There are limited growth opportunities. If you’re looking to move up the corporate ladder but your current employer can’t offer a bigger and brighter career path for you, then it might be time to move on out.
  1. You don’t click with the work culture. Corporate culture plays a huge role in today’s work landscape, more than ever before. If your values and interests aren’t in sync with those of your company, it can cause strain. And it makes sense to seek out an employer with a culture you can truly embrace.
  1. You’re stressed to the max. Is there anything worse than being totally stressed out about your job? Sure, but not much. If you dread the thought of heading to work and are physically and mentally exhausted when it’s time to punch the clock at the end of the day, then think about making a change. Your body and mind will give thanks.

If it’s time to consider a new job, be sure to weigh your options. It might be beneficial to look into a temporary assignment or contract work if you’re not ready for a long-term position. A.R. Mazzotta can help you sort things out and connect you to the best employment opportunities in CT.