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Starting Your New Job on the Right Foot

Feb17Starting a new job can be really exciting. It can also be stressful – the thought of the unknown can send shivers through some people.

But don’t sweat it. There are many things you can do before and after your new job starts to help make the transition an easy one.

Take Time Off
If you can, take a few days off before you begin the new job. This gives you time to let go of the old work responsibilities and center yourself for the new job adventure that awaits.

Don’t Be Late
Allow yourself extra time to get to work that first day. You’ll probably be a bit nervous – that’s natural. And if you’re running late, that’ll just raise the nerves another notch. Get to work on time and start the day off calm and cool.

Pay Attention
During the first days and weeks of the new job you’ll meet lots of people and have lots of information to digest. Try to stay focused on the details. Take notes and review them afterwards. It’s helpful to re-type or re-write your notes to let all the little details sink in.

Connect the Dots
As you meet new colleagues, pay attention to organizational structure. Take note of those who are in leadership positions, how departments and employees are organized, etc. This will help you find the people you need when you’re off and running in your new role.

Set Goals
Once you’ve settled into your new job and have things under control, set short-term and long-term goals. If your job is to manage employees, take time to meet with each of them and gather their input to shape the goals of the team and the department.

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