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Fighting the "Post-College Blues?"

You’ve passed your exams. Received your diploma. And now you’re ready for the next major phase in your adult life: finding your first job out of college.

As a recent graduate, searching for a full-time job in your field can be an exciting – but daunting – challenge. In contrast to the relative structure provided by college life, entering today’s job market can leave even the most self-disciplined graduate feeling a little overwhelmed.

Especially if your job search turns out to be a long one.

Don’t get discouraged – we’re here to help! Today, A.R. Mazzotta is sharing our best advice for fighting the “post-college blues” – before they even start – by engaging in productive activities that will accelerate your search for rewarding employment:

  • Be realistic. Graduation marks the beginning of a transitional period in your life, so expect some ups and downs. Unless you’ve been offered your dream job already, you’ll likely experience a wide range of emotions and frustrations while you look for work over the next several months. Try not to set unrealistic expectations for yourself, but resolve to conduct a proactive, diligent job search.
  • Identify employers you would most like to work for. Do a little research to create your list of target companies, and then identify alumni or other connections within those organizations. Start reviewing job postings at those companies, focusing on entry-level positions. Be sure to keep your options open, however. You may need to gain some experience before applying to your dream employer.
  • Step up your networking efforts. Here’s some good news: you may already know the person who will connect you to your first post-college job! Or, he may be just a phone call, email or visit away.  From social media to job fairs to word-of-mouth, making and leveraging business contacts opens doors to referrals, and ultimately, job opportunities.
  • Schedule informational interviews. Have a target company in mind that you’d like to work for, but can’t find a job opening there that’s right for you? Instead of waiting for a job interview opportunity to present itself, create your own opportunity by requesting an informational interview. This type of interview can provide you with invaluable visibility, information and practice – all in a low-stress setting. You can: learn about an industry, a profession, or a career path in a chosen field; set yourself apart from the crowd in a competitive job market; get tips on how to prepare for and enter a given career; gain valuable insider feedback on potential future job openings; and practice selling yourself and your personal brand.
  • Register with A.R. Mazzotta. Temporary work provides unique opportunities to work and network at the same time.  While you’re on assignment, you can get your foot in the door, demonstrate your job skills and work ethic, and establish valuable professional contacts in a wide variety of companies.  Ultimately, a temporary assignment with A.R. Mazzotta may lead to the career opportunity you’ve always wanted. We also offer a variety of permanent, entry-level positions for which you may be qualified.  To learn more about temporary and permanent jobs in Connecticut, contact us today.