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Does Your CT Staffing Firm Interview Candidates in Person?

Today’s HR departments leverage IT to benefit almost every aspect of their hiring operations:

  • Job boards and online applications allow candidates to search jobs and submit applications from the comfort of home.
  • Applicant tracking systems streamline the recruitment process.
  • Video interviews make it simple to connect with candidates around the world.

Despite all this impressive technology, there’s still no substitute for an in-person interview by a trained professional.

True, a face-to-face interview requires a substantial investment of time and resources; however, it’s the best way to gauge whether or not a candidate is really right for a job. Here are just a few of the advantages in-person interviews offer:

  • Gauging soft skills. A resume can’t tell you how confident a candidate is. A phone screen won’t help you assess a candidate’s work ethic. Only during an in-person interview can you learn about a candidate’s “intangibles” – things like his personality, nonverbal communication style and potential compatibility with your corporate culture.
  • Assessing effort. When you require a job seeker to come to your location, you can evaluate whether or not he arrives on-time and is dressed appropriately. Both speak volumes about his reliability and interest in your position.
  • Tailoring questions. Each applicant has unique aspirations, experience, skills and interests. During a face-to-face interview, you can adapt or add questions on-the-spot to get a full sense of what the candidate can bring to the opportunity.
  • Identifying candidates who are great (not just those who look great on paper). Any job seeker can pay a resume service to create an error-free, professional-looking resume. There’s a big difference, however, between those who can really “walk the walk,” and those who merely “talk the talk.” An in-person interview affords the opportunity for follow-up questions and probing techniques that break through a candidate’s interview facade – and determine if he really has the skills and experience he claims to.

Nothing replaces the “human” element of human resources.

Technology has greatly streamlined the recruiting process. Still, it takes substantial “manpower” (i.e., human time and effort) to make successful placements. A.R. Mazzotta does it right. Our highly trained Staffing Specialists conduct in-person interviews with candidates to reveal their career goals, work history, talents and strengths. Yes, the process is labor-intensive; but, it’s the best way to hand-select the right individuals for your company culture and goals, as well as the unique skill and talent requirements of the job.

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