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Maximize Networking Opportunities During the Holidays

Thinking of skipping that acquaintance’s holiday party? Not up to attending the last networking mixer of the year?

You may be missing out on a huge career opportunity.

Admittedly, this is a hectic time of year. Piling networking activities onto your already busy schedule is stressful. Plus, it’s the holidays – nobody’s recruiting this time of year…right?

Wrong. Many hiring managers want to connect with potential candidates before year’s end, so that they can quickly bring on new employees once the calendar flips.

So maximize every networking opportunity between now and New Year’s. Whether you meet people through traditional networking, social media or your daily life activities, these new contacts can connect you with job opportunities, introduce others who can aid your efforts, and help you find a better job in 2014:

  1. List your best opportunities for making new connections. Consider everything you might do and everywhere you might go between now and year’s end: mixers, fundraisers, kids’ activities and sporting events, volunteering activities, restaurants, conferences, holiday parties, and classes or educational seminars. Resolve to chat up the people around you when you find yourself in one of these situations.
  2. Keep an open mind. You never know how a chance encounter with a person may be able to enrich or benefit your professional life. As you meet new people, think:
    1. What could we accomplish together?
    2. What could I learn from you?
    3. How could we help one another?

Let the person next to you strike up a conversation – or strike one up yourself. Open up, relax and listen. If you keep an open mind, you may meet someone who can open new doors for you.

  1. Accept invitations. When you’re tempted to decline an invitation, think of what you stand to gain. Give yourself a pep talk, accept the invite and commit to introducing yourself to at least three new people.
  2. Say goodbye. Before you leave, seek out the people whom you’ve met to say goodbye and (when appropriate) make plans to connect again. Treat chance encounters and new introductions with the ceremony they deserve, to make sure you’re remembered favorably.
  3. Use common sense. Whenever you meet new people, exercise sound judgment. Whether it’s in a professional or personal setting, be careful not to divulge sensitive information about your job, company or life – especially to people you don’t know well.

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