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Paying Your CT Employees

When do I have to pay overtime?  Is my company required to provide vacation pay?  What about sick days?

These are just a few of the pay-related questions you are faced with as an employer in Connecticut.  So today, we’re reviewing CT employment laws on compensation.  This overview is not intended as legal advice, but it does provide straight talk to help you understand our laws better:

What is Connecticut’s minimum wage?

As of this post’s publication date, Connecticut’s minimum wage is $8.25/hr.

What does the law say about overtime pay?

You are required to pay 1-1/2 times the employee’s regular rate of pay after he works 40 hours in a workweek.  Overtime pay is due for actual hours worked over 40 hours.  You are not required to pay overtime after an employee works 8 hours in a single day, or on a Sunday, or on a holiday, unless it’s specified in an employment agreement.

Here are a few exceptions to overtime pay:

  • agricultural employees;
  • executive, administrative and professional employees as defined by the Labor Commissioner;
  • any salesman primarily engaged in selling automobiles;
  • any driver or helper where the U.S. Secretary of Transportation has the power to establish qualifications and minimum hours of service;
  • any outside salesperson as defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Overtime pay is covered under the CT State Statutes in Sections 31-76b, 31-76c and 31-76i.

What kind of pay records do I need to maintain?

You are required to keep a true and accurate time and wage record for each employee, for a period of three years.  Among other things, these records must show:

  • the total daily and weekly hours worked – including the beginning and ending time of each work period – computed to the nearest unit of 15 minutes;
  • total hourly, daily or weekly basic wage;
  • overtime wages, listed as a separate item;
  • additions and deductions from wages each pay period;
  • total wages paid for each pay period.

Do I have to provide vacation or holiday pay?

No.  These are fringe benefits provided at your discretion.  They are not required by law.

Am I required to provide sick pay to employees?

CT employers are required to comply with the Paid Sick Leave Act, P.A. 11-52.  This document provides a detailed review of the Paid Sick Leave Act.

Do I have to pay employees for rest breaks?

If you offer short breaks to employees (about 5 to 20 minutes), federal law considers the breaks as compensable work hours.  Follow this link for more information on Connecticut meal period and rest break laws.

What about temporary workers?

When an A.R. Mazzotta temporary employee works for you, the same general rules apply.  As their employer of record, however, we are responsible for ensuring compliance with state and federal laws for our employees – and that’s one less worry for you.