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Get Connected in Connecticut: Why HR groups and professional associations are a smart move

With the massive amount of work you have to do every day, you may wonder: “Are HR associations really worth the effort?”

In a word, “Yes!”  Attending meetings and events does require a time investment, but HR groups can pay off big for your company and your career.  Here are just a few of the benefits they provide:

  • Grow as a professional.  The conferences, seminars and other educational and training events offered help you stay abreast of the newest developments in the field of HR.  You may also be able to satisfy continuing education requirements or earn/maintain professional certifications through these events.
  • Enhance your network.  Professional relationships are the heart of HR.  Professional associations help you meet others who can provide career opportunities, introduce you to industry influencers, and expand your professional network.  You may be in the position to do this for other members, allowing them to build their sphere of influence while you build yours.
  • Broaden your knowledge base.  Most associations provide members-only access to cutting-edge articles, case studies and white papers, written by leading HR experts, on hot topics like diversity, inclusion and the PPACA.
  • Learn best practices.  Most HR professionals are happy to share what they’ve learned, including how they’ve solved problems, resolved conflicts or developed innovative, effective policies.  Forums, conferences and seminars provide opportunities for knowledgeable HR professionals to share ideas about what works – and what doesn’t – without going through the trial-and-error on their own.  By attending these events, you can take the best practices you learn and immediately apply them to your business.
  • Build your resume.  Joining a professional group shows that you’re an active member in the human resources community – and that you’re committed to staying at the leading edge of your industry.  Membership shows that you dedicate your time and resources toward growing as a professional, and that you want to help other HR professionals succeed, too.
  • Find your next career opportunity.  Looking to make a change?  Professional associations can help you learn of job openings before they become public.  Group meetings, web-based discussions and association job boards are just a few of the ways you can pick up leads on who is hiring in HR.

So whether you want to make your next career move, stay current in your industry or grow your network, joining a professional HR association is a smart move.  Here are a few options for HR professionals in Connecticut:

Human Resource Association of Central Connecticut (HRACC)

Connecticut Society for Human Resource Management (CTSHRM)

Human Resource Leadership Association of Eastern Connecticut (HRLA)

Northwest CT Human Resource Association (NWCTHRA)