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Jobs in Connecticut: Still Working at a Job You Hate? Why it may finally be time to start looking again

Despite frustrating jobs and unemployment numbers this past month, a recent study offers good news on the job market front.  Across the country, a growing number of employees are quitting their jobs.

Why is this such a good sign?

An increase in “quits” is actually a sign that our labor market is improving.  According to a recent survey of recruiters, 28 percent of the job openings employers had in January were due to employee resignations – up from 21 percent in July of 2011.  To boot, the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced in February that the number of workers quitting has been on a steady incline since its low point in December of 2009.

An important point:  when layoffs and discharges dip below “quits,” job seeker confidence is on the rise.

During a recession, people are inclined to hold onto their jobs, primarily because employment prospects are so dim.  Conversely, an increase in “quits” is a sign of returning economic optimism.  Those who are dissatisfied with their current work situation are becoming more confident about their job prospects – so much so that they’re willing to leave their current job to search full-time.

Admittedly, unemployment rates are still high.  Walking away from a job that’s paying the bills always carries some risk.  But if you’re underemployed, in a dead-end job or otherwise unhappy with your current work situation, A.R. Mazzotta Employment Specialists can help.

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