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Five Ways a Staffing Professional Can Facilitate Your Job Search

Looking for work?  Then you know that it’s tough out there.

But fortunately, you don’t have to conduct your job search alone.  Whether you are looking for temporary, contract or direct employment opportunities, staffing specialists are committed to your success and can facilitate your job search in a number of ways:

  • Career guidance. Re-entering the workforce?  Just out of college?  Laid off?  If you fall into one of these categories, you may be unsure of exactly how to best use your talents.  A staffing professional can help you critically examine your skills, training and experience to identify the right opportunities for you.
  • Access to unadvertised opportunities. When working with a staffing service, many businesses do not advertise through traditional means.  They trust staffing specialists to quickly identify the right individuals for their temporary, temp-to-hire or direct hire needs.  As a result, many great job opportunities are available exclusively through the staffing firm.
  • Résumé and interview skill feedback. As an employment expert, a staffing professional can help you polish your résumé and build your interviewing confidence so that you can land the job you want.
  • Confidential and anonymous representation. If you’re currently working, you probably don’t want your current employer to know you are in the job market.  A staffing professional will market and represent you anonymously, so you can continue working until a prospective employer expresses an interest in your credentials.
  • Keep your morale up. Being out of work can take a toll on you – emotionally and financially.  A staffing specialist can provide interim contract and temporary employment opportunities to help you:
    – Earn money while you search for direct employment;
    – Keep your schedule flexible so you can continue your job search;
    – Network with new co-workers to uncover additional employment leads;
    – Keep your job skills sharp and up-to-date;
    – Avoid gaps on your résumé;
    – Stay positive and productive.
  • Best of all, staffing specialists provide their services at no cost to you!  Contrary to what many job seekers think, staffing firms do not charge you:
    – to register and interview with them;
    – when you are placed on assignment;
    – if you accept an offer for direct employment with one of their client companies.

You’re More Than Just an “Applicant”
At A.R. Mazzotta Employment Specialists, you’re more than just a résumé, a certification, or a set of skills.  Our staffing specialists take the time to learn about your unique talents, interests and career goals, so we can match you with the perfect opportunity.

Take advantage of all A.R. Mazzotta can do to expedite your job search.  Contact us today to learn more about employment opportunities throughout Connecticut.