Celebrating Progress: Jessica’s Journey to Recruiting Manager

At A.R. Mazzotta, our commitment to delivering personalized, focused service has been a cornerstone of our operations across Connecticut for over 50 years. We take pride in fostering an environment that values growth, learning, and community impact. This spirit is embodied by our team members, especially those like Jessica, whose recent promotion to Recruiting Manager […]

Temporary vs. Permanent Staffing: What’s Right for Your Connecticut Business?

In the vibrant business landscape of Connecticut, employers are often faced with the critical decision of choosing between temporary staffing and permanent staffing solutions. This choice is not just about filling vacancies but is integral to shaping a business’s strategic direction and operational efficiency. As the state continues to navigate through economic fluctuations, technological advancements, […]

Elevate Your Connecticut Workforce: Expert Tips for Recruiting Top-Talent & Fast Hiring Excellence

Businesses targeting top talent need innovative strategies to attract, recruit, and retain the best talent available. A high-performing workforce is critical to staying competitive in today’s market. Connecticut has growing businesses in many sectors, from insurance and finance to advanced manufacturing and bioscience. Companies must use innovative recruitment techniques to attract and retain the best […]

Why Having a Structured Onboarding Program Matters

The onboarding process allows companies to set new hires up for success, but only if it’s handled properly. When new hires don’t get enough information and support, they rarely stay in the position. Instead, they may openly quit or simply stop showing up, leaving your business shorthanded. Many organizations leave onboarding in the hands of […]

How to Build a Stronger Candidate Referral Program in 2023

Candidate Traffic

Having a robust talent pipeline is crucial for recruitment success. However, cultivating a suitable candidate pool is often challenging, particularly during periods of labor shortages and pervasive skill gaps. As a result, many companies are turning to candidate referral programs in 2023 to boost their recruitment success. If you want to ensure this strategy produces […]

How to Show Appreciation to Your Coworkers

With Thanksgiving coming up quickly, many professionals are adopting an attitude of gratitude. While the main focus is often on family and friends, showing your appreciation to coworkers is a wise move. It helps you forge stronger relationships with people you engage with regularly at work. Plus, it can lead to a positive culture where […]