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How to Earn More Growth Opportunities

Many professionals have career aspirations beyond their current roles. While gaining general experience in your field is one way to advance, you typically need access to additional growth opportunities to make speedier progress.

When growth opportunities aren’t relatively simple to tap into, you may need to take steps to gain your manager’s support. If you’re ready to spread your wings and fly, here’s how you can prove to your manager that giving you opportunities to grow is worthwhile.

Continuously Exceed Expectations

Typically, the first step you need to take if you want your manager to expand your responsibilities is to continuously exceed expectations when handling your current workload. By going above and beyond to ensure quality, consistently meeting deadlines, and making sure that you’re always putting out your best effort, you’re showcasing your commitment to quality. Plus, it demonstrates that you’re able to effectively manage what’s currently on your plate, making the idea of adding more less questionable in the eyes of your manager.

Spend time reflecting on the genuine quality of your work. Consider the feedback you’ve received or performance reviews you’ve had to determine if you’re exceeding expectations consistently. If issues have ever been presented, spend time improving those areas before you move forward. By doing so, you’re showing your willingness to accept feedback and adjust your approach to perform better, all while boosting your overall reputation.

Show Initiative by Stepping Up

Another step that can help you show your manager that you’re ready for more is to show initiative by stepping up regularly. For example, volunteering to take part in projects or handle various one-off tasks demonstrate your willingness to do more. By managing those activities successfully, it also highlights that you have the capacity for more responsibilities without harming the quality of your other work.

Offering assistance to overburdened colleagues can have a similar effect. Along with demonstrating that you’re a team player, it highlights your desire to help the team succeed, even when it means moving outside of your current duties. Plus, it assists you with cultivating a reputation with your coworkers that you’re helpful and supportive, elevating how you’re viewed and generating positive word-of-mouth about how you perform in the office.

Speak with Your Manager

Once you’re confident that your performance is top-notch and you’re regularly demonstrating initiative, schedule a conversation with your manager about your career. During the discussion, you want to provide examples that showcase your capabilities. Then, you can present the idea of securing growth opportunities to keep you moving forward.

When your manager responds, listen carefully to their input. Accept any feedback on what you may need to improve first and any guidance that outlines what may need to happen next. The idea is to come up with a plan together, making it a collaborative effort that takes everyone’s needs into account.

Ready to Advance Your Connecticut Career?

Ultimately, using the strategy above can help you access more growth opportunities. If you’d like to learn more or are interested in finding a new career-boosting job, contact the team at A.R. Mazzotta or visit our website to check out our open positions today.