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Don’t Just Resign Yourself to High Employee Turnover

As the pandemic seemingly was coming to a close, a major shift in the workforce occurred. Dubbed “The Great Resignation,” workers quit their jobs in droves in hopes of finding something they felt was a better fit for their goals and preferences.

Today, companies are still struggling with the after-effects of The Great Resignation. Along with higher turnover, finding top talent is increasingly difficult. Plus, a candidate’s market always makes hiring and retention challenging.

As a result, companies need to work diligently to keep their best and brightest on staff. If you’re wondering what you can do to combat high employee turnover, here are some tips that can help.

Offer Competitive Compensation

Ultimately, competitive compensation is essential for any company that wants to reduce turnover. If wages fall below local industry norms, a portion of your workforce will seek out opportunities solely to secure a bump in pay. By ensuring your organization meets or exceeds expectations in this area, you reduce the odds that employees will seek out new positions solely as a means of securing a raise.

Keep Flexible Options Intact

Many companies are trying to force employees back to the office. While there are benefits to working on-site, eliminating flexible options like telecommuting can cost you talent. Many professionals now know that they can thrive when working remotely. If you remove that option entirely, you’ll struggle to maintain talent who prefers remote arrangements.

Focus on Employee Wellness

While the worst of the pandemic has been over for some time, many people are still experiencing mental, emotional, and physical stresses related to it. When not properly managed, this can lead to issues that may cause a worker to seek out opportunities elsewhere. That’s particularly true if competitors perform better when it comes to employee wellness. As a result, having a solid program that provides workers with support and access to resources is a must if you want to reduce turnover.

Conduct Exit Interviews

When an employee announces that they’re leaving the organization, make sure to remain kind and professional. If managers act upset or hostile, it alters the company culture, and not for the better.

Beyond that, make sure to set up exit interviews once you receive notice of an employee’s intention to leave. Those meetings are a chance to find out what motivated them to seek out other opportunities. While it won’t typically lead to that employee staying, it will allow you to learn more about issues that you can correct, giving you a chance to improve retention moving forward.

Partner with A.R. Mazzotta

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Plus, A.R. Mazzotta can provide temporary support along the way. That ensures your core workforce isn’t overworked or unnecessarily stressed, making your workplace more productive while keeping morale high.

If you want to make sure that turnover doesn’t derail your business, turning to a reputable staffing service to fill vacant positions is a wise move. Request an employee from A.R. Mazzotta today.