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The Three-Step Morning Routine You Need to Try

Having a reliable, functional morning routine can revolutionize your workdays. Certain habits inherently set you up for success, allowing you to start the day strong and giving you critical momentum that can carry you forward. By embracing them now, you may experience a difference right away, leaving you more productive and resilient.

Fortunately, a few small adjustments are often all it takes. If you want to revitalize your morning routine, here are three things to try.

1. Wake Up Earlier

Many professionals have hectic mornings simply because it feels like there isn’t enough time to handle everything before rushing out of the door. As a result, they’re more likely to leave the house feeling stressed and may forget critical items or tasks more often.

By waking up earlier, you eliminate the rush. At a minimum, it gives you a chance to handle the rest of your morning routine at a more leisurely pace. In the best of cases, it allows you to add in self-care activities that help you start the day off on a better note.

Exactly how much earlier you should wake up may depend on your existing morning routine and responsibilities, as well as if you’d like to add in some self-care. Often, getting up 30 minutes earlier lets you slow things down, giving you room to breathe. If you opt for a full hour instead, you can fit a little more into your morning. Whether it’s a workout, some meditation, or a bit of light reading, you’ll have an opportunity to do a little something for yourself before heading to work.

2. Practice Gratitude

Many people have heard that having an attitude of gratitude is beneficial. It teaches you to appreciate the positives in your life, encourages mindfulness, and often leads to a happier mindset.

By incorporating gratitude into your morning routine, you get to spend a few moments focusing on the joys of life right when you wake. Whether you use some time to jot a few notes in a gratitude journal, reflect while sipping some coffee, or create a mental list during your morning commute, it’s a simple activity that can make a significant difference.

3. Write Down Your Top Priorities

Creating a list of what you need to accomplish during the day every morning is beneficial. It serves as a guide while ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. However, you need to curate that list strategically. Otherwise, it can do more harm than good.

When a list is overrun with small, low-priority tasks that you can’t fit into a day, it may seem like you aren’t making progress. That quickly becomes disheartening, increasing the odds you’ll disengage.

Instead of capturing everything on one list, create two separate lists. In one, outline just your top priorities for the day. Then, create a second list to record any low-priority activities that need to happen soon but may not fit into your day. That captures those responsibilities without them overrunning your main list.

Once you complete your high-priority tasks, go to your low-priority list and find an activity or two you can take on without overburdening yourself. That allows you to feel a sense of accomplishment when you complete the main list and transition to the other while also ensuring you make progress in both areas.

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