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Motivate Your Administrative Team with These Tips

Motivation often feels like a nebulous concept. Not all administrative professionals share the same drives, leaving companies conflicted about how to ensure the team flourishes. Since that’s the case, some organizations may choose inaction, which isn’t ideal.

Fortunately, while motivations differ between individuals, certain factors are effectively universal. If you want to inspire your administrative team, here are some tips.

Connect the Work to the Mission

Generally speaking, tasks are more meaningful if how they impact the broader picture is clear. Since many administrative duties aren’t easy to connect to larger missions, breaking down how the work makes a difference is beneficial.

Speak with your administrative team about their tasks. Then, help them see the connection between that work and broader goals. This ensures they see how their contributions provide value beyond boosting the bottom line, making every task inherently more meaningful.

Build a Recognition Culture

Recognition is a potent tool, giving you a simple pathway to showcase your appreciation while making employees feel seen and valued. However, it’s even more powerful when it isn’t just offered by managers on occasion but built into the broader culture.

In many cases, administrative professionals don’t feel as valued as other teams. At times, their work isn’t highly visible, causing it to go unnoticed by upper management. Additionally, the colleagues they support may take the expertise of your admin team for granted, either incidentally or by assuming they’re merely doing their job. As a result, morale often suffers simply due to poor recognition.

Thankfully, incorporating more recognition into your workplace isn’t overly challenging. Along with ensuring your administrative team is publicly celebrated by management for their contributions, create pathways for colleagues to recognize each other. Add a “shout out” channel in your collaboration platform, provide access to simple thank you cards, or start team meetings by asking if anyone wants to recognize a colleague.

By using those resources yourself and encouraging team members and other colleagues to do so, recognition becomes a part of daily life. That’s a significant morale booster and source of motivation.

Empower Through Authenticity

The ability to be one’s whole self at work is incredibly empowering. Employees will feel valued and respected for who they are, not who they believe they must become at work. In turn, morale will rise, along with productivity.

If you want to ensure your administrative team is comfortable bringing their whole selves to work, start by leading by example. By being authentic and genuine, your employees will feel they can safely do the same.

Create Defined Pathways for Advancement

Most administrative professionals have career goals beyond their current roles. Since that’s the case, defining pathways for advancement can be a great way to show your support and motivate your team. With those plans, you’re showcasing growth opportunities. Plus, you’re ensuring all team members know precisely what it takes to move up, encouraging them to remain forward-thinking while boosting loyalty.

Ultimately, each of the tips above allows you to motivate your administrative team with greater ease. By using them all, you’ll likely see notable improvements, often in far less time than you’d expect.

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