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Benefits – Why Do They Matter

Ok – we are never going back to Pre-COVID life; we’re moving forward, making adjustments, learning to live in a different culture in many ways. The basics regarding our jobs, however, don’t change –

  • We still have to earn a living. (who else will provide for our needs, and for some of us, our family’s needs).
  • We want to earn that living doing work we enjoy.
  • We need to be paid fairly for that work.
  • We want a job that includes benefits.

That last line is a clincher. Benefits. Benefits make a difference from a financial point of view, but it’s more than that. A good benefits package assures us that our employer cares and we have value.

When companies offer an excellent benefits package, workers are more productive and loyal, and morale increases—positivity reigns.

Healthcare benefits provide employees the tools needed to stay healthier, such as wellness visits, the option to get medical help at the onset of illness instead of trying to ‘gut it out,” and help with prescriptions. Healthy employees are happier, more energetic employees.

Including dental and vision coverage is an added employee-winning bonus.

Paid Time Off is an essential benefit for both the employee and the company. Everyone needs to take a break—vacation matters. When PTO isn’t offered, employee burnout goes up, and productivity goes down. On the other hand, employees who earn PTO return to work more energetic and productive. Overall, work-life balance improves, and so does company morale.

Surveys reveal that health insurance and vacation pay are high on the preferred benefits list for most light industrial and clerical employees.

Here’s the good news: A. R. Mazzotta cares about their employees. We get it. Benefits are an essential part of a great job. We offer –

  • Health Insurance – we offer three different health plans; you choose what works best for you.
  • Dental and Vision options are included – that’s a winner!
  • Paid Time Off – You have the freedom to choose how you use it!
  • Holiday Pay – Yes, we give you time off with pay on major holidays!

But that’s not all; we make life better in other ways, such as –

  • Weekly pay – Life is just easier this way, especially when that weekly pay includes direct deposit at no charge and electronic pay stubs.
  • AAA membership & discounts – Enjoy the little ways that smooth the road to work or play.

At A. R. Mazzotta, our employees matter. We give you the respect and appreciation you deserve!