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4 Stay-Healthy Strategies for Winter

Thanks to the provisions enacted to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, many common illnesses took a hiatus last winter. As we avoided crowds, wore masks, and isolated at the first sign of illness, common winter ailments had less of a chance to wage war on susceptible hosts—one positive in a sea of adverse outcomes.

But as restrictions have eased and people have grown weary of being extra cautious, the normal bugs have returned. With many companies struggling to maintain an adequate, consistent workforce, the need to keep folks healthy this winter is more crucial than ever.

As much as we’d like to forget the trials of last winter, it would behoove us all to incorporate some of last winter’s guidelines into this winter’s cold and flu season. Encourage your employees to—

  • Be vigilant about handwashing.
  • Keep hand sanitizer handy for those times when soap and water are not.
  • Even if you’re confident “it’s just a cold,” isolate and test to confirm it’s not COVID-19.

Do all you can to fortify yourself and your workforce against the winter nasties, beginning with these tried-and-true strategies.

1.     Make hydration a priority

While we understand the need for hydration when heat and humidity dominate the weather, the cooler temperature of winter can fool us into thinking hydration is not a concern during the winter. But drinking water is essential to keep our bodies working at their very best, all year round. Make it easy to stay hydrated by carrying a travel water bottle throughout the day.

2.    Find ways to move more

Instead of taking the approach that winter is for relaxing, vegging out, binge-watching TV, or other couch-potato-related activities, seek ways to keep moving. Remember that the steps accumulated gardening, tending the landscaping, and mowing the lawn will need to be made up with other types of activities during the winter months. So incorporate short walks or jogs into your daily/weekly schedule. Find a gym or fitness center that offers classes or activities that interest you. Even moderate exercise can strengthen your immune system.

3.     Be a sun seeker

Take advantage of any sun that blesses the winter months and soak up as much natural vitamin D as possible. Not only does vitamin D boost one’s immune system, but it can also boost your mood as well. Being energized will help you feel more like stopping by the gym or layering up for a brisk walk around the block. Then position your work area near a window, so you can soak up some rays while inside.

4.     Maintain good sleep habits

Too many adults become accustomed to erratic sleep patterns that leave them consistently trying to play catch up. But the notion that we can truly “catch up” on sleep is a lie. Getting consistent, sufficient, restful sleep is vital to overall health and well-being, especially immune health. If insomnia or restless sleep hampers efforts to get enough quality sleep, turn off computer screens, TV screens, and electronic devices at least two hours before bedtime to allow the brain to power down.

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