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Do You Have Job Search Burnout?

Looking for a job—not just any job but the right job—can be exhausting, nerve-wracking, and overwhelming. And that’s during “normal” times when a worldwide pandemic hasn’t caused a massive economic downturn from which we are collectively trying to recover.

Let’s face it. Life has been uber challenging these past eighteen-plus months. And now, an extended job search is further complicating your life, adding an entirely new and frustrating set of challenges. So whether your job search is related to COVID-19 or stems from other, unrelated life factors, it’s time to ask yourself: Am I experiencing job search burnout?

The signs of this malady may include—

  • Mounting stress that makes even the simplest life responsibilities, let alone job-search tasks, feel overwhelming.
  • Worsening episodes of irritability and frustration. If every little thing gets under your skin, job search burnout may be the culprit.
  • Suffering from not sleeping well, a lack of focus, more frequent bouts with illness, or a state of worried anxiety? Each of these symptoms indicates that stress is impacting your physical and mental health.
  • Avoidance of social interaction. If connecting with family and friends has become too draining or too much of any effort, it could be that your prolonged job search is the offender.

A combination of perseverance and strategizing coupled with a dose of patience will help you not only rise above burnout but also conquer (rather than abandon) the job search and land you in a position that utilizes and appreciates your unique skillset. So, confront the problem head-on and—

  • Evaluate your career path

“Everything changed overnight.” Two years ago, folks tossed that phrase around with little thought to its true meaning. But now we get it. And it’s quite possible things have changed again—maybe several times—since you began the job hunt. So, re-evaluate and make decisions based on the realities of now.

  • Be strategic

If ever a time in history called for a strategic job-search plan, it is now. Although job postings have reached an all-time high, the skills of those searching too often do not align with the needs of companies struggling to fill positions. So, plot a strategy, review it frequently, and keep putting one foot in front of another.

  • Sync all social media profiles

Double-check that LinkedIn and any other social media profiles are as up-to-date as possible. Seek out inconsistencies, striving for a seamless flow of information that matches your resume to the letter. Additional tips?

“I recommend you pepper your LinkedIn profile with relevant keywords … to ensure maximum visibility,” says Michael Tomaszewski, career and workplace expert at Zety. “You might also consider getting LinkedIn Premium for the duration of your job search to send your hirability chances to the moon.”

  • Make time for self-care

Resist the “But I don’t have time!” retort. Instead, remind yourself that taking care of yourself will stave off burnout, increase your endurance, and ensure you will be up to the task of shining at the interviews that come your way. Make self-care a part of every day. Take a walk or a nap. Read a book or listen to music. Spend time with a friend and do not talk about your job search.

At A.R. Mazzotta, we know that challenging times call for a team effort. Let our team be your job-search partners. With our experience in the Connecticut staffing realm and your candidate skills, we can be a dynamic team. Give us a ring today.