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What Does an Administrative Assistant Do?

When inquiring about the role of an administrative assistant, you may hear songs of praise that include phrases such as “the glue that holds the company together,” “couldn’t make it without him/her,” “MVP,” or other glowing terms of endearment. Why? Because a stellar administrative assistant can indeed be a dynamic force equivalent to a secret weapon.

In the past, an administrative assistant’s duties focused on scheduling, bookkeeping, and arranging travel. But times have changed. In addition to those tasks, today’s administrative assistant’s responsibilities often include an array of varied duties, from onboarding new employees to event planning, heading up company-culture-nurturing off-site activities, maintaining the supplies for the snack/beverage perk, and managing employee recognition and engagement initiatives.

“When it comes down to it,” surmises Jeff Murphy, “admins are expected to keep things running smoothly, no matter what it takes. Think of them like the ‘utility player’ in baseball. They’re Jacks-and Jills-of-all-trades, expected to perform at a high level in a ton of different situations.” 

While taking on the expanded role of an administrative assistant may seem daunting, many men and women do indeed possess the mix of skills that equip them for this essential role. Skills that top the list include—

  1. Creative problem-solving

If folks throughout the company expect you to keep things running smoothly, troubleshooting had better be a well-honed skill. Essential skills, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, the ability to improvise, a dose of creativity, and patience are vital in this position.

  1. Expertise in office software

From word processing to spreadsheets to slide presentations and email, an administrative assistant must be fluid in the use of all such software and the creation of a myriad of documents. Can you craft an informational yet visually appealing newsletter? Draft emails that are known for their clarity? The greater the aptitude in these various office-type applications, the more valuable you will be to the company. Add in the know-how to facilitate virtual meetings, and your stock will rise off the charts.

  1. Social media prowess

Who wouldn’t love an administrative assistant who is familiar with the workings of social media? The answer is no one. Because posting to and engaging with social media followers often falls to today’s admin assistants. Managing multiple social media accounts and establishing a connection with current and potential customers requires more time than most business owners have to spare. So, they often hand this task to their administrative assistant. And then breathe a huge sigh of gratitude-filled relief when said assistant can eagerly and efficiently take the reigns.

Do you prefer to work remotely? Businesses across the country have found that administrative assistants can effectively handle their duties remotely with the right tools.

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