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Is Warehouse Management for You?

You’re considering a career in warehouse management. Fabulous.

If logistics and supply chain movement and the ins and outs of warehouse traffic interest you, then a career in warehouse management may be right up your alley. While this sector had enjoyed a steady incline for the past decade, demand for warehouse space surged as e-commerce skyrocketed during the coronavirus pandemic. Projections predict continued growth for this essential industry, translating into a favorable job outlook in warehouse management.

So, let’s dive into the nuts and bolts of a career in warehouse management.

Educational requirements

The majority of organizations require warehouse managers to hold the minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent. According to stats from OwlGuru, many began their career in warehouse management with some level of post-high school education.

  • High School Diploma or equivalent:83% of warehouse managers had earned a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Bachelor’s Degree: 50% of warehouse managers held a bachelor’s degree.
  • Some College: 8.33% of warehouse managers had completed some college courses.

What skills and attributes will aid a warehouse manager’s success?

  Warehouse management is a challenging career. The multifaceted role is both complex and complicated, requiring steadfast attention to detail in each of the following areas—

  1. Organizational skills

From the arranging of shipments and deliveries to scheduling employee shifts to the warehouse’s configuration, organizational abilities are necessary for a warehouse manager. Adherence to the adage “a place for everything and everything in its place” will make the warehouse run efficiently and make everyone’s job easier. Every facet from paperwork to long-term planning to client relations will benefit incredibly from a manager’s well-developed organizational skills.

  1. Tech-savviness

In this advanced technology age, warehouse management software systems (WMS) can be the warehouse manager’s best friend. These models must be at the core of a modern warehouse operation, keeping the system functioning efficiently and organized. As is true across all industries that depend heavily on technology, the successful warehouse manager must be tuned in to the latest trends and available upgrades and opportunities to increase efficiency by implementing new technology.

3.      A focus on safety

Good warehouse managers understand the myriad of safety concerns inherent to the industry. Exceptional warehouse managers make safety a top priority 24/7, every day of the year. He/she also knows the minute details involving regulations, legal concerns, and safety guidelines for the warehousing and distribution industries. This top-notch manager makes sure that everyone on the team is familiar with the regulations as mentioned above and policies.  A “safety first” motto becomes the team’s foundation because the warehouse manager will have it no other way. The COVID-19 outbreak layered on additional safety concerns that will continue to impact the warehouse industry for the foreseeable future, emphasizing the need for a laser focus on safety.

4.      A forward-thinking mindset

The best contenders in warehouse management keep an eye and ear on the future.

  • The next innovation in distribution.
  • To enhanced staff training.
  • To legislation that impacts transportation.
  • To customer service trends.
  • And a host of other aspects that factor into the challenging world of warehousing.

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