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Put A Little Spring in Your Career 

Have we ever longed for spring as profoundly as we do in 2021? As we continue to emerge from the pandemic, we grasp the longer days a little tighter than in previous years. We cling more closely to the promise of warmer temperatures. We burst forth from our homes into the sunshine with a bit more gusto. We throw open the windows to purge the staleness of winter. We gleefully rid our lives of winter’s accumulated clutter with nary a complaint about sifting through jam-packed closets, cupboards, and garages.

Along with this spring cleaning and decluttering, thoughts may turn toward the need to “put a spring in your career” or to “spring clean your employment options.” While it made sense to hunker down and “hibernate” through the winter months in your current job, now’s the time to consider how well your job fits you at this point in your life. Just like those pants that no longer fit either your waistline or your current clothing needs, it could be your job no longer “fits” your career goals.

And what better way to break out from under the winter blues than to be proactive about your career? So, consider these simple yet effective ways to gain a fresh perspective on your career path.

“Plant” those long-held seeds . . . err, ideas and dreams

Because of the pandemic or family concerns or random niggling doubts in the recesses of your mind, you’ve put off approaching the boss about that new idea, launching the next phase in your career, or pushing toward an employment opportunity that betters suits your goals and lifestyle. What better time than spring to forge ahead toward achieving those too-long-held-in-check goals? “Dig up” a plot of fertile soil in which to plant these seeds, via a strategic plan detailing how to best move forward.

Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses against your current job

Who hasn’t, at some point, taken a job—

  • Just to pay the bills.
  • Because it was the only job that you could find.
  • To please a parent/spouse/friend.
  • Because initially, it sounded like a good fit.

Most everyone has found him/herself in one or more of these scenarios, where convenience and necessity, rather than one’s interests, strengths, and skills, were the deciding factors. We do what we have to do sometimes. But keep in mind that the more closely a job matches a person’s innate talents and interests, the more enjoyable the job will be. The “enjoy” factor generally prompts more engagement and spurs a person to work harder, which increases the potential for success. Bottom line: if your current job doesn’t utilize your strengths, skills, and interests, consider plotting a course toward a position that will.

Clean up your social media

Before making any career moves, it’s wise to “spring clean” your social media presence. Carefully peruse each of your accounts from a potential employer’s perspective or from that of your current boss with whom you plan to discuss the next greatest innovation. Clean up accordingly, to ensure when a prospective employer checks you out—and you know he or she will look for you on social media—what he/she finds will cast the best light rather than a disparaging light.

Next, Google yourself. Be on the lookout for anything that could be embarrassing or comes across as unprofessional. Maybe things got a bit wild and crazy at your buddy’s birthday bash, and someone thought splashing evidence of the evening’s hilarity across social media was somehow a good idea. Again, tidy up as needed.

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