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5 Tips to Strategize Your Job Search

Are you one of the millions on the prowl for a job due to COVID-19’s impact on the economic landscape?

The good news: many industries find themselves with job openings. The bad news: the current hiring situation’s frenzied pace often translates into a challenging scenario for those needing to land a good job.

The job search market remains competitive, requiring a plan that includes more forethought than merely applying for every opening. The key to a successful job search, especially during these unprecedented times, is a strategic approach coupled with a consistent determination that remains steadfast.

Rather than sling resumes about with undisciplined abandon, Shelly Elsliger, a globally recognized LinkedIn trainer and career specialist, says, “I would also like to forget the ‘buffet style’ approach to finding a job. Take a customized approach and always put quality over quantity. When it comes to applying for a job, treat each and every potential opportunity differently—it will beat out the ‘buffet-style’ anytime!”

Consider how these strategic moves can assist your pursuit of a great job.

  1. Google yourself

Gone are the days when simply lookin’ good on paper would land you an interview. While you still need a robust and professional-appearing resume, you can be sure hiring managers and recruiters will research you via the internet. Because times have changed, you need to know what potential employers will uncover when they let their fingers tap into the you that exists beyond the print of a resume.

  1. Banner up on LinkedIn

Jack Kelly suggests job searchers broadcast their employment availability by adding a banner to your LinkedIn photo. Utilize hashtags such as #opentowork and #opentoopportunties, to leave no doubt that you’re actively searching and motivated to get a new job.

  1. Network extensively

Spread the word about your job search far and wide. Include past co-workers, managers, and team members as well as friends and family. Remember that companies encourage their employees to recommend potential candidates they can vouch for, concerning dependability and talent.

Make your presence known via online forums and interest groups, within your industry or in a field that fits your skillset. “Hang out,” where folks actively share, comment, and converse. Attend relevant events that will either further your bank of knowledge, allow you to connect with industry-specific people, and  provide opportunities to showcase your expertise

4.      Make your cover letter work for you

As Kaitlin Proctor reminds us, the cover letter is not a resume. Rather than rehash the points of the resume, the cover letter should act as a marketing piece, “a separate introduction designed to tell the hiring manager about you as a person – briefly, and why you’re the right candidate for the job.” She suggests a call-to-action type closing, such as, “I am looking forward to meeting with you soon to discuss the position in greater detail.”

5.    Reach out to recruiters

Not only are recruiters always on the prowl for quality candidates, but their position also situates them to be privy to job openings that may never reach a help-wanted advertisement. A recruiter who specializes in your industry will not only have an inside track, his/her understanding of the field’s unique needs and challenges will increase your chances of finding a job with the right fit to your skillset.

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