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5 Office Skills that Spell Success

Where would the world be without the men and women who make offices everywhere run efficiently? We can, with certainty, declare that office workers are “essential” across every facet of the workforce. Whether the “office” remains on-site at the business’s physical location or has transitioned into a work-from-home scenario, the same qualities and abilities are needed to ensure not only the office, but the entire organization runs smoothly.

Are you considering a career in the clerical field? Assess your prowess in these essential areas.

Telephone skills

The “voice” of the organization is the man or woman who routinely answers the phone. Whether the caller falls on the customer or vendor side of the business operation, the one answering the call has but a few seconds to make a positive impression. A “smiling voice” will ensure the caller feels valued. A polite manner will assure the caller his/her need is your priority now. The knowledge and ability to assist efficiently will result in a satisfied caller. The office worker who can accomplish the above, despite being surrounded by piles of paperwork screaming for immediate attention, is worth his/her weight in gold.

Overall communication skills

While this ability speaks to telephone skills, it encompasses many forms of communication. From greeting customers, to interacting with employees, to coordinating services with vendors, to facilitating communication between each of these sectors, an experienced communicator can be the cog that keeps the business’s wheels turning.

The specifics of excellent communication involve the ability to—

  • Grasp information quickly and accurately.
  • Engage in listening
  • Provide clear, concise, accurate information to others
  • Communicate in written formats

Organizational skills

Let’s be honest; some people haven’t even a crumb of this crucial skill. For others, the ability to plan, organize, and execute is innate. And those are the job seekers who will excel in the busy office.

Those adept at organization can—

  • Successfully handle, plan, and schedule tasks
  • Coordinate the flow of paperwork around the office
  • Manage the completion of projects on time
  • Smoothly run the general flow of day-to-day operations

Attention to Detail

Office operations involve a million and one details. From the numbers involved in bookkeeping and accounting to tracking schedules and appointments to managing the fine print of daily operations, details abound in every organization. All that coordinating, managing, and tracking requires someone who sees, hears, and likes those details rather than someone who “can’t be bothered with them.” It is imperative to know as you ponder career choices: do I love or hate details?

Data Entry and Computer Software 

Most office positions require the skill of typing and some level of data entry, the creation of mailing lists and marketing material, and any number of similar tasks. Most offices utilize the Microsoft line of office software. While many candidates can indeed note “experienced with Microsoft Office and Excel” on a resume, few can confirm they are familiar with all these programs offer. So, why not brush up on your typing and document creation skills with the handy tutorials provided by Microsoft.

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