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How to Set the Tone for a Virtual Interview

Virtual interviews are no longer simply, “the wave of the future.” Whether you are applying for a remote position or a traditional on-site job, chances are you could find yourself dialing into a video conference interview. Preparing for any interview is no easy task. You need to not only have all the right responses but set the tone in the first few seconds. If you do, you’ll go a long way in making a more favorable impression and potentially getting the position. Not only that, but you’ll stand out against all the other candidates who are vying for the same opportunity as you.

To help you in the process, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Log in a few minutes early.

    The last thing you want to do is keep a hiring manager waiting because you’re running late. Not only does this look bad, but you’ll be less focused, distracting you from your interview answers. Instead, make sure you log in a few minutes early. It’s better to have a little time in the virtual waiting room to clear your mind and make sure your video and audio are working.

  • Look the part.

    In addition to dressing for success, you are going to want to make sure you present yourself and your surroundings in a professional manner. Make sure you are well lit and be conscious of what your setting looks like. Avoid any distracting posters or pictures in your background. Your setting says as much about you as your appearance. Be sure to find a quiet place without any noisy distractions.

  • Be mindful of your body language.

    Even on screen, before you even open your mouth, the hiring manager is going to be reading your body language. That’s why it’s crucial to come across as confident. Smile and look into the camera when speaking. Make sure to continue this throughout the process, speaking clearly, avoiding fidgeting, and always making “eye contact” through the lens.

  • Bring up a shared connection.

    If you have the same alma mater or a mutual acquaintance in common, bring it up at the beginning of the interview. Familiarity breeds comfort, and this will put the hiring manager’s mind at ease when you share a connection.

  • Be concise and thorough.

    The first question you answer is going to set the tone for the rest of your responses. So make sure you’re both concise, as well as thorough when answering it. Don’t ramble or repeat yourself; at the same time, don’t be so brief that the hiring manager doubts your expertise. It’s all about striking the right balance.


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