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What Do I Need to Do Before I Start Looking for a New Job?

So you’re thinking about a new job. It’s a daunting endeavor. How do you know where to start? Do you start by updating your resume or do you begin by networking? And if you’re already employed but thinking about quitting, when is too early to tell your current employer? Fortunately, there are a few right answers to all of those questions.

Here’s what you need to do before you start looking for a new job.

Find the best listings

Consider working with a recruiter to help you find the best opportunities. They often know of openings before they become public. Otherwise, check out search engines, job banks, company websites, and networking sites.

Focus your job search

Know what you want and use keywords to keep your job search focused. Consider skills you want to utilize, geographic areas you want to work in, companies you want to work for, and more.

Choose your ideal companies

As long as you’re focusing your job search, generate a list of companies that you’d love to work for. You may already have a company or two in mind, but if you don’t, start researching. Check out their websites and mission statements, read employee reviews, and talk to people about their experiences with the company. Then, get yourself noticed. Start following them on social media, sign up for their email notifications, and contact anyone you know who works for them.

Develop a professional brand

Use LinkedIn and other social media sites to build yourself up. Show off your professionalism and your enthusiasm for your industry and career. Share relevant articles, quotes, and news. Imagine that you’re proving that you’re the best person for the job to recruiters and employers.

Check-in with your network

Start connecting with everyone you know—friends and family, former coworkers, people you’ve met at conferences and seminars, and old college friends. Let them know what you’re looking for. You never know who will be able to help you out or hook you up with someone who can. Look into professional organizations as another means of helpful people.

Craft your resume and cover letter

When you start updating your resume, customize it for each job you apply to. And do the same for your cover letter. Make sure your wording echoes some of the text on the company’s website or from the original job posting. In other words, show that you’re a perfect fit for the position.

Rehearse for the interview

Once you start getting calls for interviews, start preparing. Research the companies you’re meeting with and make sure you have a few talking points prepared, not to mention specific questions to ask them at the end of the interview. Then start practicing answers for those common interview questions. Practice good body language, like firm handshakes and eye contact, enthusiastic and upbeat answers, and answers that highlight your skills, achievements, and experience.

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