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Looking for a New Job Shouldn’t Be Scary

Finding a new job can be scary! We all fear change, but if you break it down and separate logic from your emotions, the job search process, and the prospect of a new job isn’t all that scary. Every life experience thus far has prepared you for this moment, and there’s nothing in your future that you can’t handle.

Here are some tips to stop fearing the process of looking for and starting a new job.


Be honest in the hiring process

As you apply for jobs, don’t think about how nerve-wracking it is. Look at it as a chance to present yourself honestly to a potential employer. If you lie or embellish your qualifications too much, you might get in over your head. Or worse, the hiring manager will find out you’ve exaggerated and will deem you untrustworthy. Instead, be honest and straightforward so you can find the position that’s best matched for you, your passions, your skills, and your experiences.

You’re qualified

No hiring manager is going to hire you for a job if they don’t think you’re ready for it. If they offer you a job, it’s because they saw something special in you. It might be a specific certification, a soft skill that blew them away, or an accomplishment that impressed them. It might even be a glowing recommendation from a previous employer. Regardless, have confidence that you’re ready for this job!

They’ll train you

No matter how qualified or talented you are, there will be things you won’t know right away. Be comfortable with that. It might be a new software program you’ve never used before, a series of rules or the delineation of your responsibilities. Someone – your supervisor or a colleague – will train you and answer your questions, so don’t hesitate to ask. Show you’re willing to learn so you can be successful in your new job.

Take notes

As you learn, write things down! When you’re taking in so much information at once, don’t rely on your memory. Have a notepad handy or a note-taking document on your phone or laptop. Make to-do lists, write down essential instructions, login instructions, passwords, and even the names of people you meet – hiring managers, recruiters, and new colleagues. It’ll help you focus despite your nerves.

The newness won’t last

They say it takes three months to adjust to a new job and feel confident in what you’re doing. And who knows? For some people, it might only take a few weeks, and for others, it might take six months. The point is you won’t be new forever. Pretty soon, all this new stuff will be old hat to you – the faces around you will be familiar, and you’ll have memorized all the scary procedures and passwords until everything becomes second nature.

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