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3 Ways to Find Your Management Style

No matter what kind of job you have, you’ll have to be a leader at some point in your career. You might be asked to head up a project, take on new responsibilities, or accept a management position. And there’s no steadfast formula on how to be a good leader. Your management style will be impacted by your company’s culture, by your personality and values, by your industry, and more.

Here are three ways to develop your management style.

Know your personality traits and values

To understand what type of leader you are, you need to examine your personality first. Identify your dominant characteristics and figure out how they play out in your relationships, in your work, and in some of your other pursuits. Think about how you make decisions, how you handle stress, and how you interact with family, friends, and coworkers. Are you determined? Can you overcome obstacles and failures? Do you learn from your mistakes? Are you impulsive? Patient? Can you problem-solve? Many of these traits will trickle down to your employees. If there are essential traits or qualities that you lack, you might want to hire people who do possess those traits.

As for your values, they might not sound significant. They might even be something you take for granted and don’t consider very often. The truth is that if you don’t have consistent values, like integrity, respect, and work ethic. Your employees will get confused and won’t know whether to trust you. But if they can see that your values drive your decisions and goals, they’ll stay focused and be encouraged to succeed.

Ask for feedback

You’ll never be an effective leader if you don’t seek input from your colleagues and employees. Without their feedback, it’s hard to get a full understanding and assessment of your behaviors, personality, and values. You can self-assess all you want, but the people who work around you all day long have unique insights into your leadership skills and personality traits. Some of it might be tough to hear, but it’s crucial to gain a full perspective. And regardless, you should get into the habit of seeking feedback from your employees every chance you get. Ask for suggestions, constructive criticism, and opinions. Don’t be swayed by every single perspective; it’s essential to keep your finger on the pulse of your company.

Assess your ability to delegate

Delegating isn’t always easy, especially if it’s a task that you know you could take care of quickly and effectively. However, it’s essential to show your employees that you trust them, that you’re interested in their professional development, and energy on something more significant. Your employees are there to support the company’s long-term and short-term goals with their unique talents and skills, so use them!

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