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Five Reasons You Should Have Hired Faster

Hiring is no easy task. You want to take your time and do it right, so you don’t bring on the wrong person; however, if you spend too much time, you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot. A prolonged hiring process can cost you money and resources, not to mention the sinking morale that comes with having your other employees take over duties for the open positions.  

 Here are five reasons you should hire quickly.  

Save money and resources 

First and foremost, a quick hiring process saves your company time and money. Consider paying recruiters, paying for any advertising you do, the loss of time and resources when your managers and other employees are busy conducting interviews or scanning resumes, and the lack of productivity that results from unfilled positions.  

Make better hires 

If you can conduct a speedy job search, you’ll be able to make an offer to your top candidate. But if you take your time and drag your feet, by the time you’re ready to make an offer you’ll be left with less-qualified candidates because the top ones will have already been hired by your competitors. This doesn’t mean you have to lower your standards or skip over part of your process – you should still do thorough interviews, complete background checks, and tour candidates around your company. It just means you’ll need to work harder, faster.   

 Provide a quality candidate experience 

Candidates don’t like being strung along either. They like employers who move quickly and are honest with them. If you take weeks to get back to them or schedule another interview, they get frustrated and are more likely to accept a job elsewhere. But if you’re quick to give them honest feedback, they’ll be appreciative of that, and even if you don’t end up hiring them, they’ll spread the word about you to colleagues and may be more likely to apply with you in the future.   

Generate better response rates 

Candidates love it when you’re speedy with your process and get back to them quickly. They’re more anxious than you are when they apply to jobs, so if you can minimize that angst, they’ll be happier and more likely to respond positively. Plus, if you move fast, you’re more likely to snatch up the best talent, instead of taking everyone else’s leftovers. When you have less time between your interview process and presenting an offer, you give candidates less time to interview elsewhere or consider other offers.   

 Everyone leaves happy 

Hiring managers love when they can make fast hires and fill their openings as quickly as possible. Lags in the process are frustrating, for both managers and employees who have to pick up the slack 

 A speedy hiring process helps you find better talent, limit frustrations, and save time and money. For more on how A.R. Mazzotta can help you speed up your hiring processcontact our team today. 


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