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7 Ways to Combat Sleep Deprivation in the Workplace

Sleep! It’s so important, yet one of the primary needs we sacrifice most. Thanks to Netflix, Instagram and overscheduling, we go to bed later, and wake up earlier to get to work, squeeze in another workout or get kids to daycare before heading into work. That doesn’t even cover sleep disorders, like insomnia and apnea that keep our bodies up at night. A lack of sleep can be harmful to our productivity, cognitive abilities and moods—even dangerous to the heart and immune system. Here are seven ways to combat sleep deprivation in the workplace.  

Get some sun 

A little vitamin D can really recharge you when you start to drag after a rough night’s sleep. Get outside, go for a quick walk around your building or just sit outside for a few minutes to take a phone call or meet with a colleague.  

Cut down the caffeine  

It’s tempting to hook up a coffee IV when you didn’t sleep well the night before, but the harsh reality is this will make you feel worse. A serving or two of caffeine early can be helpful, but more than that will make you feel dehydrated and lethargic. Instead, try water or juice packed with energizing fruits and veggies.   

Have small, regular meals 

Nothing will make you feel more tired than a big, heavy midday meal. Instead, try to power your nutrition with fruits and vegetables, hummus, nuts, yogurt or a granola bar. And minimize your sugars so you don’t spike your energy and suffer a crash later on. 

Get moving 

Whether it’s an early morning heart-pounding workout, a brisk lunchtime walk or some light midday stretching, a workout can be huge for boosting your mood and energy levels. Even a stroll around the office a few times a day or some light yoga movements at your desk, stretch your muscles to stimulate your mind and activate your body. 

Take a power nap 

Just ten to fifteen minutes when you can close your eyes and rest your brain can help you refocus your energies and help you feel refreshed.  

Blast some tunes 

Your favorite music can do wonders for reducing tension and elevating your mood when you start to drag at work. Or try some music you’ve never heard before—some stimulating classical or blood pumping dance music just to keep you moving and nodding your head to the beat. 

Laugh a little 

A break can be really energizing during the day. It might mean sharing some jokes with your coworkers or just finding some clever memes on social media, a little laughter can help boost your mood, reduce your anxiety, and brighten your day. It’s just enough to keep you going until you can get home, unwind, and hit the sack for a good night’s sleep. 

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