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Opportunity Thrives in the CT Manufacturing Industry

CT manufacturing

The manufacturing sector in Connecticut has always been a hotbed of opportunity for both employers and employees. Every year, there are thousands of good-paying jobs waiting to be filled. For recent graduates or workers who are looking for a new employment avenue to try, a career in CT manufacturing might be the perfect fit.

History of CT Manufacturing

Connecticut’s leading role in manufacturing innovation dates back to the 18th century, when furniture and cabinet-making began in the state. Soon after, gun manufacturing, clock production, and tool making gained traction. Later, mills and factories were established all over the state – producing everything from textiles to cars.

Connecticut also played a pivotal role in World War I – producing everything from army boots and rubber tires to revolvers and bullet shells. In fact, CT produced over half of all ammunition for the U.S. during WWI.

CT Manufacturing Today

The Connecticut Business & Industry Association (CBIA) shares these stats about our state’s present-day manufacturing economic power:

  • There are over 160,000 manufacturing employees in CT
  • There are 4,000+ manufacturers based in the state
  • Annual manufacturing wages equal approximately $15 billion
  • Manufacturing sectors like aerospace, bioscience and advanced manufacturing are leading the way with job opportunities

Some of the most well-known CT manufacturers include United Technologies Corporation (UTC), an aerospace and aviation leader; Sikorsky Aircraft, a commercial and military helicopter manufacturer; General Dynamics, a submarine manufacturer; and Stanley Black & Decker, one of CT’s oldest manufacturers and leading power tool maker for the construction industry.

Job Opportunities

CT’s growth in the manufacturing industry over the years has sparked job opportunities of all kinds throughout the commonwealth – particularly entry-level positions and production-based roles like assembly work, inspection and machine operation. And for those with the right work ethic and motivation, there are higher-level careers that workers can grow into.

The rise of ‘advanced manufacturing’ in CT offers unique and exciting opportunities as well. Companies that are embracing advanced manufacturing methods are using technologies that are considered next-generation and cutting edge. These technologies drive greater innovation in their processes and products.

Developing the Future CT Manufacturing Workforce

Many schools and universities in the state are encouraging the growth of advanced manufacturing by offering training for lean manufacturing, supply chain, and related topics. And the state’s Dept of Economic and Community Development established the Manufacturing Innovation Fund (MIF) that provides resources and training for those looking to work in manufacturing.

Many employers offer paid on-the-job training and even apprenticeships. These are great ways for new employees to get their foot in the door with an entry-level position and work their way up the ranks while gaining valuable experience for their resume and future career growth.

Search Current CT Manufacturing Jobs

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