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7 Ways to Hire Top CT Job Talent Before Someone Else Does

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Attracting and retaining employees for your organization in 2019 is no easy task. Attracting and retaining Grade A employees is even more challenging of a feat. But with a solid recruitment strategy, you can be successful at hiring the top CT job talent before someone else.

Here are 7 steps to include in your company’s recruitment strategy that will lead you to hire quality talent who will make a difference for your business and stay with you for the long haul.

1 – Be Seen

Create a memorable brand presence for your organization. This can be done in lots of ways and doesn’t require a big budget and complex marketing and advertising tactics.

Start by sticking to the basics like maintaining an attractive, user-friendly website. Establish social media profiles and keep them current. Depending on your industry, you might consider using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or all of the above.

Consider a corporate sponsorship with a local organization or event. Make a charitable donation to an organization of your employees’ choice. Community involvement through volunteer efforts is another great way to raise brand awareness for your organization.

2 – Invest in Your Company Culture

Be the company that top talent wants to work for. Investing in your company culture will help create a solid reputation for your organization and make it easier to attract candidates with similar values and priorities.

Your culture can be shaped by many things – the onboarding and training you offer, the goals that you establish and share with employees, your commitment to work-life balance, employee development opportunities, and of course salary and benefits.

3 – Keep Your Talent Pipeline Full

Keep your talent pipeline full at all times – not just when your company is actively hiring. In fact, SHRM says fill your talent pipeline like your life depended on it. This means understanding your employee turnover numbers so you can be proactive in finding new candidates. You should also be continually advertising in the marketplace; if there’s no specific job opportunity to share you can promote the general benefits of working for your organization.

Other ways to keep your pipeline full include reaching out to past candidates to share new job opportunities with them or keeping former top-performing employees in the loop about current or upcoming openings.

4 – Encourage Employee Referrals

History shows that some of the best recruiters for your organization are your current employees. Encourage employees to assist in the recruitment process by sharing job postings with their friends, family and colleagues (former and current).

Better yet, reward employees for their efforts by creating an employee referral program. It can be as simple or sophisticated as you want it to be. Consider a small cash payout for part-time hires or larger bonuses for those who refer someone for a management or executive position.

5 – Find Emerging Talent

Some of your best talent prospects are likely in your own backyard right now – getting ready to make the jump from a college or trade school into the working world.

Make connections with the colleges or vocational and trade schools in your area. Talk to the professors or individuals who offer career counseling services to students. They can help you get the word out about your hiring needs and even point you in the direction of certain students who might be a good fit for your company.

6 – Hire Quickly

Having the ability to hire quickly comes down to several key steps in your recruiting process. First, have a good candidate screening process in place so you can weed out the least qualified prospects and quickly identify the best talent.

Have a streamlined process in place for managing job interviews, conducting background and reference checks and presenting job offers. The more efficient you can be for all these steps, the faster you can hire.

7 – Hire an Employment Agency

Don’t have the time or resources to recruit the best talent for your company? Enlist the help of an employment agency. A good staffing agency can help you hire better talent – and hire them faster than you’d be able to if using your internal resources.

A reputable employment agency is comprised of industry experts who bring lots of experience to the table. Staffing is what they do – all day, every day. Their training and insights ensure that you’re getting the best candidates for consideration and getting them in a timely manner.

An agency will also have a large network of qualified talent they can tap into – larger than an employer’s own network. They have the benefit of being able to reach out to passive candidates who might not be actively looking for a job but are open to hearing about potential opportunities from recruiters.

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